3 Ways To Keep Your Cat Cool In Summers

3 Ways To Keep Your Cat Cool In Summers

Just like humans, cats do suffer from dehydration, heatstroke and other issues during summers.  Yes, indeed, cats generally tolerate heat better than us, but they do experience such discomforts on scorching heat days. After all, they are also living beings and need pampering and optimum care to live a healthy life.

Many pet parents consult vets or attend online pet consultations to understand different ways to keep their cats cool in summer and avoid any drastic health problems. We also bring to you some effective tips and tricks to help your cat stay happy and cool during hot months.

So why wait? Let's check out some amazing ways to maintain your cat’s well-being in the summer season.

Grooming is the key

The first and foremost step to getting your cat summer ready is to groom them well. From bathing to coat brushing and paw pad cleaning, everything should be taken care of properly. A neat and clean cat is more likely to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Furthermore, if your kitty has long fur, consider taking help from a cat grooming professional to clip their long fur easily. Else, you can brush them at home regularly with brushes like Kong Zoom Groom Cat Brush and Wahl Slicker Brush, etc.

Make sure your cat drinks plenty of water

Maintaining the hydration level is essential for cats during hot months. Though it is common sense, still try to monitor your kitty’s pet bowl and fill it with fresh water to the brink daily. This will help your cat to get ample fluids and retain moisture in the body. Some cat parents practice keeping freshwater dotted around the house to prompt their feline friends to drink water often. You can also follow this approach to make sure your cat drinks enough water a day.

Use damp washcloths to keep your cat cool in summers

During hot temperatures, politely stroking your cat with a damp towel can promote coolness in their body. Try to focus on the warmest part of your cat’s body such as the tummy, armpits, paw pads, and outsides of the ears. Every cat loves a good pat. So integrating this gentle stroke using a damp cloth will help them cool down in the summer season. Remember to not soak her in water as most cats do not like to get wet. Hence, perform this step carefully to avoid triggering your cat’s negative association with water.

Some veterinary consultants from Supertails also recommend closing curtains during summers, uncovering cool surfaces around the house or garden, feeding iced cat treats, letting them play with ice, etc. All these will effectively help in keeping her cool during the hot months. 

Along with these, a pet parent must be aware of the symptoms or signs of heat stress in cats. This will help them recognise these symptoms on time and start with the necessary treatment. As cats are unable to keep their bodies cool, the chances of a heat stroke are likely. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your furbaby to avoid this emergency condition. Restlessness, excessive drooling, unsteadiness on their feet, etc., are some potential symptoms of heatstroke in cats.

Keeping your cats cool this summer is easy! Just follow these points and consult a vet to aid this situation.

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