Benefits of Online Vet Consultations

Online Vet Consultations

Vet consultations are an integral part of nurturing a healthy pet family. As necessary as they are, they are not always easy to schedule on demand. Pet parents would know that many pets get anxious going to a vet clinic and sometimes a physical visit isn’t even required to get help. At times when the pet isn’t feeling well, it might even be a challenge to take them out of the house, especially as a consequence of the pandemic. 

That is where online vet consultations can help. If conducted right with a dedicated 1 to 1 video call with experienced veterinary professionals, the consultation can help answer all your concerns and even help you medicate your pet at home.

Here are a few ways in which an online vet consultation benefits your pet family. 

  • Prompt medical attention:
    As pet parents, we want our pets to feel as comfortable and happy as they possibly can with us, and want to address the smallest of issues that may be plaguing them quickly. With an on-demand system of booking appointments with experienced vets, you can get medical attention for your pet promptly. This cuts the need to travel to a vet clinic and wait in queues to get help.

  • Stress-free consultations: 
    Waiting rooms are stressful, even for humans, who know that hospital is where they’ll get help. Imagine how much more stressful they are for our pets, who are unaware about why they have traveled to a place filled with other sick and scared animals. Online vet consultations help us keep our pets calm, stress-free, and always in your company on days they’re not feeling their best.

  • Decreased likelihood of infections: 
    Being at a crowded clinic/hospital increases the likelihood of infection for both our pets and us. Even in a sanitised environment, it sometimes becomes difficult to manage the risk of infections of different diseases, fleas or ticks.  Online video consultations can instead provide quick medical consultations from the comfort of the pet’s own home, at a time comfortable for you, without the danger of potentially infectious animals at the clinic/hospital.

  • Access to experts: 
    When it comes to medical attention, speaking with an expert is always better than using Google to self medicate. An accurate diagnosis by a certified vet can help your pet get better sooner as compared to the worry that scary, unverified resources present online.
    At Supertails, we have a team of veterinary professionals who have been trained to deliver help online. Along with the vets, pet parents are introduced to other in-house experts, including trainers and groomers for times when a solution needs holistic support.

  • Private and secure consultation: 
    When it comes to interacting online, Supertails keep privacy as a priority. The consultation remains confidential, along with the digital prescription and other data.

So next time your pet is in need of a vet, try an online consultation and see if it works out for you, you might be surprised at how much smoother and more efficient the process is. Book your appointment at and use the code "VETSFORYOU" to get your first consultation free.