4 best practices to keep your dog healthy

How to choose the right dog food

We’re sure that you pamper your dog with all the love and compassion, but there are a few other measures you can take to keep your dog healthy. From grooming them to preventative medication, here are health and lifestyle best practices that you can adopt to raise a fit and happy dog.


Goes without saying, right? When we talk about exercise for dogs, it could range from basic movements to intense activity. From good old daily walks to agility training, there are certain exercises that can easily get the job done, whereas others are exciting challenges for your dog. Running and walking could go a long way but if you want to add a little more to their training regime, encourage them to run up and down the stairs and introduce them to obstacle training. 

Try to switch things up every few weeks. Hit the local walking or hiking trail once a month, play fetch at an off-leash park, or take them swimming. 

Proper nutrition

Feeding your dog with the right amount and type of food such as wet dog food or dry dog food can help maintain a healthy weight. It is one of the best ways to prevent obesity-related issues and increase their lifespan. Pets often meet their nutrition needs from a balanced diet of quality food, however, check with your vet to see if your dog needs any supplements. Dogs need some amount of meat in their diet regularly, so if your family is vegetarian, look out for meat-based dry foods that can be added without you cooking at home. Most importantly, make sure that your pet gets enough water, and limit the treats to special occasions.

It’s always best to regularly speak with a vet and adjust your dog’s diet as they grow. The pandemic has turned us all indoors, but you can get an online vet consultation to answer all your questions. 

Try to stimulate your dog’s mind

As you might be aware, dogs are instinctual and interactive beings. And as the leader of their pack, they are always looking up to you to come up with opportunities to test their wits with new and fresh stimuli. You can start with practicing a new trick and challenging their mind, introducing them to new people and new dogs. You can also try out new routes once in a while on your walks so they experience new surroundings and learn to adapt. 

You can also try interactive dog puzzles, these are designed to keep your mutt engaged and challenged. 

Love and Affection

As a companion, your dog looks at you for different cues that will help deepen the bond they share with you. It can be some cuddling time on the couch, breaking from your tasks to give them a positive affirmation once in a while, or keeping aside play time when you give them your undivided attention. Just like with human relations, little gestures of love go a long way. 

The love that you share with your dog can determine how they interact with other animals outside of home, so your attention is important to develop them into interactive and emotionally healthy beings. 

Dogs come into our lives and change them forever, they are our partners in life and need all the love and care in the world. Feel like you still have questions? Speak to a vet online to put your worries at ease. Book your appointment here - Vet Consultation.