How To Help Your Cat Drink More Water In Summers?

How To Help Your Cat Drink More Water In Summers

Getting dehydrated in the summer season is something very common amongst cats. They tend to drink less water or skip drinking water due to their natural habits. This worries pet parents as drinking less water can make their cats sick. They can suffer from constipation, urinary blockages, and lower urinary tract disease.

To prevent such discomforts, cat parents try ways to make their pets drink sufficient water throughout the day. However, teaching them becomes a challenging task as cats often do not drink enough water, even though they have a bowl full of water readily accessible.

If you also have a feline friend and want to protect them from dehydration in hot months, we have some effective tips for you. Follow them to encourage your kitty to stay hydrated on sunny days and enjoy their voyages to the fullest.

Try experimenting with different bowls

Observe your cat closely, if you notice that your pet is avoiding drinking water from the same bowl every day, change it. Add some new types of bowls into your pet feeding essentials to attract your feline and keep them hydrated.

There are a variety of pet bowls available in different sizes, patterns, and materials in the market. Supertails also offer a wide range of cat feeding bowls including:

  • Pets Pot Feeding Bowl for Cats
  • M-Pets Plastic Cat Double Bowl
  • Savic Picnic Cat Bowl Green
  • M-Pets Single Fashion Melamine Bowl for Cat, etc.

You can explore them and read their descriptions and specifications on the website to choose the most suitable bowls for your pet.

Place the water bowls around the house

Increasing water access can help remind your cat to drink it at regular intervals.  Practising it will simply enhance the probability of your kitty drinking water as it is easily accessible. They will drink it when they walk past the bowl out of interest, without realizing they are thirsty. It is an effective trick to play with your kitty and make them consume enough water throughout the day.

Integrate wet cat food into their diet

Another way is to add wet cat food to their meals. This way your cat will get a sufficient proportion of their daily water requirement just by consuming a hearty meal. In case, your cat only likes to eat dry food, consider adding some drops of water into it and letting the kibble soak it up.

If you are thinking of switching to cat food, do it gradually. As hurrying the process may lead your cat to experience loose stools. You can even attend online vet consultation from Supertails to get better guidance and solutions by face to face interaction with some trusted veterinarians.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, consider integrating running water. Yes, adding a fountain in the garden area of your house can do wonders in solving the drinking habit of your cat. Furthermore, it is observed that kitties prefer a moving water source over stagnant water. So, this trick can be of great help in summer.


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