Make Your Dog Summer Ready With These Grooming Tips

Make Your Dog Summer Ready With These Grooming Tips

Every season brings its own sets of challenges for pet parents. That’s why it’s important to integrate the right precautions into their pet care routine. When talking about grooming tips for dogs, change in weather or temperature demands alterations in the grooming regimen as well. This is totally normal but necessary for their health and well-being.

As the summer season is here, your browser history must be floating with searches including summer grooming tips for dogs. We are sure you want to give the best environment to your pup and maintain their health during the high temperatures.

Hence, we thought to discuss some essential dog grooming tips for the summer months. This will help you in managing the hygiene and wellness of your dog.

How to groom your dog in summer?

Dog grooming tip #1- Brush your dog’s coat

The first and foremost step you need to do is brush your dog’s coat gently. Keep in mind to not clipper your pet unless they are used to it. Else, it can cause discomfort and lead to unwanted skin problems. Instead, you can get them a fine trimming or haircut (no full body shave). This way you can keep your dog summer-ready.

Also, consider using only good quality dog brushes like Wahl double-sided brushes or Trixie Wooden brushes with Natural Bristles from trusted platforms like Supertails to never compromise on the product quality and efficiency.

Dog grooming tip #2- Do not forget ear cleaning

Many dogs love to take a dip in the water or swimming pool during hot temperatures. They do so to keep their bodies cool. However, wet ears are more prone to infections, especially if your pet’s ear folds over. Hence, you need to keep tabs on your dog and pay attention to their ear cleaning requirements.

Consider a good ear cleaner to do the job well. Many dog parents consider M-Pets Dog Ear Cleaner, Organic and edible coconut oil for this purpose. These are antifungal and anti-inflammatory. You can also check and opt such ear cleaners for your dog. We recommend examining your dog’s ear a minimum once a week to clean and keep ear infections at bay.

Dog grooming tip #3- Look after your dog’s paw pads

Dogs’ paws are very sensitive and can get aggravated in the summer season. They usually suffer more due to hot pavements. Also, hot concrete can be extremely dangerous for your pet’s paws. It can cause heat blisters and tear the paws. That’s why it is important to keep them hydrated and supple. Similarly, trimming their nails to avoid bleeding and breakage is equally important in their grooming schedule.

Furthermore, consult a dog groomer to effectively trim the nails and fur between the paw pads. Don't polish the nails. Trim them and the fur between the paw pads. Furthermore, use a paw balm while the dog is relaxed and not moving around a lot. In case, your dog licks it off, keep the dog engaged with a chew.

Dog grooming tip #4 - Bathing your dog

Regularly bathing your dog is a good practice for your pet, in the summers, even more, and your dog will love it too!
Bathing helps keeps your dog cool and helps control issues like dandruff and keeping ticks and fleas away.
Always only use Dog shampoos and do not bathe your dog more than once in 2 weeks to once a month as too frequent bathing can lead to more hairfall and dry skin.

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