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Royal Canin's Breed Health Nutrition has numerous different protein sources. Every dog food has the optimal breed-specific form, size, and consistency. Five formulas under the Size Health and Nutrition sub-brand of Royal Canin are each available for a specific breed size: giant, huge, moderate, tiny, and extra-small breeds. 

Several specific formulations inside the Veterinary range of products of Royal Canin are present to treat or avoid certain medical disorders. These dog diets are available through your veterinarian, or you can also get them online to save money. 

Royal Canin dog food

An intelligent decision for your pet might be challenging with the variety of dog food brands available online or on store shelves nowadays. One winner stands out: Royal Canin Dog Food. Therefore, Royal Canin is a leading company in pet food, regarded by numerous people as the best in its field. 

Depending on a dog's age, size, and overall health, each recipe helps support the proper nutrients and weight. Dog food provides nutrients in the right proportions for each type and breed to maintain lustrous hair and bone strengthening. In addition, the kibble's form and size are tailored to a dog's breed, considering its teeth, palate, and munching habits. Therefore, there are ranges available explicitly for managing weight, a delicate metabolism, and skin conditions in dogs.


To ensure fitness and health, Royal Canin Puppy Food offers 50 essential vitamins in each serving to help with your pet’s fitness and health in the following ways: 

  • Your dogs get the nourishment they need for healthy muscles from proteins like chicken.
  • There are both microbial fermentations and non-fermentable fibers for gastrointestinal health.
  • Omega-3 and the fatty acids of omega-6 can preserve a dog's hair glossy and aid with healthy skin.
  • Each dog food contains high-quality feedstocks to increase its nutritional value.
  • They are easy to digest and provide a healthy supply of carbohydrates for the dog through grains, such as maize. 

Reasons to choose Royal Canin dog food

Choosing one of India's best dog food brands might take time and effort. Many manufacturers appear to give the same advice when choosing a bag or container, making it simpler to choose the cheapest option. But Royal Canin follows a different strategy. You can select your dog's food based on several variables, for instance, the size, species, or if your dog has any medical concerns that only a veterinarian treats.  

Here are a few reasons to choose Royal Canin wet dog food or Royal Canin dry dog food:

Great formula

Royal Canin Dog food comprises carefully crafted formulae to meet the demands of the dog's particular health. As a result, the amounts of antioxidants, nutrients, fiber, prebiotics, and minerals in the diets vary somewhat. These minor adjustments have a significant impact on your pet's wellness. 

Vet authorized

The most exact pet food company in the world, Royal Canin, appears with a collaboration of top scientific, veterinary, and behavioural specialists. Therefore, dogs of different kinds, sizes, and ages can enjoy eating Royal Canin wet dog food

Higher dietary substance

The preparations go through a drying process to make poultry protein in Royal Canin meals more nutrient-dense. 


Royal Canin exclusively uses meat deemed safe for dogs to consume. Furthermore, its components can be available for examination. 

Strengthens Immune system

Your dog's development is crucial since it's a time of significant transitions, discoveries, and new experiences. The puppy's immunity develops throughout this vital stage. The mix of antioxidants, including vitamin E, mainly aids in supporting your pet's natural resistance.

Lengthy growth - medium energy

Provides and meets big breed puppies' modest energy requirements during their long growth phase.

Aids digestive function

High-standard protein (LIP) and functional ingredients (FOS) contain micronutrients to promote healthy digestion. Therefore, the equilibrium of intestinal bacteria helps produce high-quality stools.

Offers several varieties

Royal Canin offers feeds for pups of various sizes. As an illustration, Royal Canin Dry Dog Food - 15kg is appropriate to suit the dietary requirements of puppies between the ages of 2 and 12 months. Its protein powder and nutritional content make it ideal for bouncy dogs that require various nutrients to maintain their growth. 

How many meals should you give the dog?

Dog obesity has become a significant issue in the veterinary field. It has an association with a variety of health issues in canines. It can be challenging to gauge how much food to give and what the proper canine weight should be.

How much food a dog requires can depend on various circumstances, including physical activity, the season, sickness, and more. Some dog owners rigidly follow the recommendations for dog food serving sizes, which might or might not be precisely what the dog requires. 

Many pet parents unintentionally overfeed their animals, so bringing your dog in for frequent examinations and discussing portion sizes with the veterinarian is essential. 

A wide variety of pet food brands in India are available from Royal Canin to suit canines of all forms and sizes. It is challenging to discover dog food tailored to your dog's unique nutritional demands because of the variation in products. You can choose a Royal Canin diet for your pet regardless of size, breed, pickiness, or an underlying medical condition. 

Moreover, a considerable percentage of dog owners have also discovered that Royal Canin performs well, demonstrating the popularity and appreciation of the brand. The best way to determine whether they are adequately suitable for your pet dog is to get some. Click to find Royal Canin dog food available or other more fitting to your dog pet's needs.

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