Why Do Cats Scratch Your Belongings?

Why Do Cats Scratch Your Belongings? | Supertails

Do you have a cat at home who always scratches your belongings? It might be frustrating for you, but for them, it is their natural behaviour. Being a cat parent, instead of feeling irritated, you need to understand why the cats do this and how to handle it.

The scratching behaviour of cats is not destructive. They do this to express their emotions like stress, excitement, to mark any object with their scent, to remove the dead part of their nails and sometimes only to get a good stretch.

They mostly scratch the materials like draperies, furniture, carpet, etc. As a cat owner, you need to understand that they never do it out of spite; they are only fulfilling their need to scratch on a desirable item.

To preserve your household items, you need to break this habit of your cat by taking relevant steps that are mentioned below.

Use multiple scratching posts or pads

Cats cannot stop scratching on their own, it is your responsibility to stop them. Adding multiple scratching points covered with a variety of materials and different textures is the best way to do this. It is possible that if your cat has different scratching options, they will feel relieved and their need for sharpening claws will also be fulfilled. Scratching posts are generally covered with carpet, but you should also try other options that are made up of different materials, like corrugated cardboard, sisal, plain wood, etc.

Use horizontal and vertical scratching pads

Every cat has their own scratching preferences and pattern. Cats that scratch carpets are more inclined to horizontal posts instead of using vertical scratching posts. And, those who scratch the furniture prefer to scratch vertical posts. You need to find out what your cat’s scratching pattern is.

Cover the spot where your cat scratches a lot

If possible, move the scratching post to your cat’s favourite carpet spot or furniture. Using a sisal scratching post can be a better option here. If your cat scratches that entry area, cover the space with a thin mat and try other ways to cover the scratching spot.

Pay attention to the anxiety level of your cat

Cats develop the habit of frequent scratching when they are emotionally stressed, for instance when a new pet has joined your family, or when she feels threatened by environmental changes. As a pet parent, you need to pay more attention to your cat, play with them so that they can give up their scratching habits.

Trying these precautionary measures might stop your cat from damaging your furniture. If these habits are becoming more frequent day by day, then there might be some health issues your cat is dealing with. In that case, you need to book a Supertails vet consultation to know the exact reason behind your cat’s scratching habits.