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Positive training methods only

2000+ hours of pet training

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Positive training methods only

2000+ Hours of pet training

Internationally certified trainers

500+ pets trained

Happy pet parents stories

Gaurav and Robica

Dog parents of Leo

Thank you for an enriching training session. We are really happy and satisfied with the advice that you had given to us regarding Leo's behaviour. A big thank you for giving all your ears to our concerns, patient listening and giving us solutions to which we have already started working on. I am very sure that positive reinforcement and this timely guidance has helped us resolve the issues we have been facing. Thank you once again.


Dog parent of Walt

Unnati and Supertails were really helpful in teaching me to train Walt. I particularly had an issue with potty training him in this work from home environment but Supertails was able to help me guide Walt to potty in the designated place. Walt is a rescue dog and came in with a lot of behavioural quirks, we have been working on those with Supertails trainers and have seen tremendous improvement. Thank you, Supertails!


Dog parent of Ash

Bringing Ash home has been the best thing that has happened to me. Thanks to Supertails, the entire transition of bringing him home was smooth. They helped me understand the breed-specific requirements of Ash, be it his energy, nutrition or training needs. I have been working on various aspects including his barking, over-excitement, separation anxiety and it has been a remarkable journey with Supertails.