Nail clipping and ear cleaning - Your pet needs it

Nail clipping:

Nail clippers should be introduced to a puppy to get used to it, and nothing new or shocking. Nail clipping should be done once a month. The procedure will take three weeks easily. The first step is to let your puppy get comfortable with you by holding their paws. Keep touching the paw and check in between the paws. Usually, ticks are found there and underneath the paw pad.

Keep the nail clipper in front of the puppy and let her smell it. Keep treats with you. Always give a reward once the puppy lets you hold the paw and smell the nail clipper.

Do this activity for a good ten days. Take a spot, make your puppy comfortable, and see if the nails are long enough to cut.

Cutting the nail has a few guidelines.

The pink part of the nail, called the quick, is where the nerves and blood vessels are. Do NOT cut this sensitive area. Snip only the white part of the claw. It's better to be cautious and cut less of the nail than risk cutting this area. If you accidentally cut the quick, any bleeding can be stopped with a styptic powder or stick or a thick cornstarch mixture. It's a good idea to keep it nearby while you trim.

If there are black nails, we recommend speaking to a vet, as the quick is not visible.

Whenever you clip one nail, please reward your pet so the association is positive and it's not a stressful procedure. Choose from a wide range of paw and nail care essentials.

Ear and eyes cleaning: 

Ear cleaning should be done every ten days. Use two pieces of cotton and ear cleaning solution prescribed by the Vet. Apply the ear cleaning solution on the cotton and clean the outside part of the ear. Don't insert your finger too deep into the ear canal. It can damage the eardrum. If you see any redness or swelling, please show it to a vet if the discharge has a very funny smell and has a lot of wax discharge. These are your signs of ear infection.

Eye cleaning should happen daily; take wet cotton or pet eye wipes and clean the discharge around the eyes. There will be a lot of discharge around the eye for an eye infection. It is a very uneasy feeling for the pet. Please show it to the Vet and start the treatment. Choose from a wide range of ear cleaning essentials.