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Balanced nutrition is just as essential for your pets as it is for humans. A wholesome meal satisfies your pet's appetite and aids in overall body maintenance and development. Drools pet foods focus on raw nutrition and organic ingredients. Moreover, their formulations follow the "more meat, less grain" principle. Give your pets the gift of optimum nutrition by choosing the highly palatable range of Drools pet foods.

Why should you buy Drools dog and cat food?

1) Top Benefits of Drools Foods

  • Drools pet foods do not include species-inappropriate ingredients, such as corn, wheat, or soya.
  • The Drools dog food uses real chicken and fish instead of by-products.
  • The products are rich in nutritionally dense ingredients and digestible proteins. There are no added antibiotics or hormones.
  • Ingredients like fish oil and chicken liver in Drools cat food help absorb fat-soluble vitamins and proteins.
  • The Drools ocean fish cat food and Drools kitten food contain real sardines and mackerel formulated as crunchy kibbles.
  • The Drools chicken and egg puppy dog food is rich in DHA for enhanced brain development of puppies and is suitable for all breeds.

2) Breed-specific Diets

The Drools adult dog foods and Drools puppy food have both breed-specific and generic varieties. The Drools veg dog food is a good option if you want to give a mixed diet of meat and plant nutrients to your pet dogs and puppies. Boxers, cocker spaniels, labradors and golden retrievers benefit from plant proteins.

3) Size-specific Diets

Drools dry dog food and Drools dry cat food are suitable for adult dogs and cats to maintain their daily nutritional needs and dental health. However, most pet owners prefer giving Drools wet dog food and Drools wet cat food to their younger counterparts (puppies and kittens) since they consume them without difficulty and build muscle mass. The Drools Focus puppy food range is suitable for puppies across all breeds and uses long-grain rice (apart from chicken) as its base ingredient, helping to reduce allergic reactions.

Why is Drools the best Pet Food Brand in India?

The Drools pet food brand prioritizes quality and taste while formulating a wholesome and mouth-watering meal for your four-legged friends. With over 36 years of experience in animal nutrition, Drools has won the coveted top position among pet food brands in the globally recognized World Branding Awards. The competitive Drools cat food and Drools dog food prices make it your preferred choice in this segment.

Advantages of Buying Drools Dog & Cat Food from Supertails Online Store

  • Availability of all products in the Drools pet food category, including feeding bowls, chew toys and feeding mats
  • Consultations by expert veterinarians before the purchase
  • An easily navigable site and wisely designed filters to make your selection process comfortable
  • Categorization of products as 'new launches' and 'bestsellers' to help you choose the trending ones
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