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Are you the pet parent to an adorable kitten? Then you must know how fiercely independent, curious and energetic they are! And you would want them to get the required nourishment to let them continue with their cute activities.

Are you using cat food for kittens? Well, then, it is time to change. From a good kitten food, you may transition to regular adult cat food after your kitten turns 18 months to two years old.

However, till then, you need to provide specially formulated kitten food to these little fur balls since their nutritional requirement differs from that of adult cats. Shop at Supertails' online pet store to purchase superior quality and healthy kitten foods that come in varieties, such as kitten wet food, kitten dry food, soft and chewy sticks, supplements, and kitten treats.

Why is Supertails the Favourite Online Kitten Food Shop?

At Supertails, you get access to all the premium quality brands selling the best kitten food online under one roof. We are equally concerned about the well-being of your precious kittens. Hence, we ensure only quality products are available on our site.

Kitten food should be protein-rich, easy to digest and high in calories. Please keep reading to learn the criteria for healthy kitten food, which we prioritise at Supertails, and what makes us the most preferred shopping destination for all your kitten's needs.

  • Considering Nutritional Needs of Kittens:
  • Whether you are looking for kitten dry food or kitten wet food, Supertails has a collection of vet-recommended kitten food brands perfectly suited to your kitten's taste and preferences. In the growing stages, kittens need high-calorie foods as they expend a lot of energy throughout the day.

    We recommend kitten wet food for infant kittens below eight weeks because it is easier for them to consume. They have small teeth at that age, which does not allow them to chew kitten dry food (kibbles) well. After eight weeks, you can introduce them to kibbles and feed them wet and dry food.

  • Our Kitten Food Fits the Nutritional Profile:
  • Healthy kitten food needs higher levels of certain nutrients to be present in them for the balanced growth of your kitten. These nutrients are protein and taurine (for growth and repair), fat (for overall development and weight gain), calcium and phosphorus (for strong bones and teeth), omega-3 fatty acids like DHA (for cognitive development), and vitamins and minerals.

    Our Persian kitten food is rich in essential fatty acids to assist in keeping the texture of the Persian kittens coats beautiful and healthy. Supertails gives you access to brands that incorporate all these crucial components in formulating the best kitten food for your little felines.

  • Balanced Moisture Content in Kitten Wet Food:
  • At Supertails, we assist in your struggle to keep your kitten well-hydrated. Choose from a range of premium pet brands manufacturing kitten wet food with the appropriate moisture content. It is essential for proper digestion and the breakdown of nutrients. It helps prevent common issues of dehydration in kittens.

  • A Variety of Flavours and Textures:
  • You must have realised soon that your kitten is an extremely picky eater. If the food does not appeal to its olfactory senses and is not according to its texture preferences, a kitten will walk away without consuming it.

    Shop for vet-recommended kitten food in delectable flavours, such as chicken, fish, seafood, tuna, salmon, and combinations. These tasty treats are available in different textures, such as gravy, broth, pureed, chunks, flakes, or shredded. Use our filter features to make your customised selection.

  • Special Food for Kittens with Sensitive Stomachs:
  • At Supertails, you will find brands having kitten food designed specifically for your kitten's sensitive tummy issues. They include easily digestible ingredients, enzymes and probiotics to satiate your kitten's hunger without being too heavy on the stomach.

    The Benefits of Buying Cat and Kitten Food From Supertails

    With so many online pet care stores available today, choosing the suitable one can be difficult. If you compare kitten food prices across several sites selling kitten food online, you will discover how Supertails offers you the best deals. Read on to learn why people prefer purchasing cat and kitten food from Supertails.

  • All cat and kitten food at Supertails features high-quality animal protein as the main ingredient.
  • We provide calorie-dense, healthy kitten food that is super nutritious for your growing kitten.
  • You need not worry about the kitten food prices since we offer them at the most economical rates.
  • Our hassle-free and quick delivery services ensure your ordered products arrive on time.
  • Our online pet store deals in pet food brands with high percentages of palatability.
  • Buy from Trusted Cat Food Brands

    At Supertails, we give prime importance to the authenticity and safety of kitten food. We have curated our premium range of products by identifying kittens' core nutritional requirements, reviewing many cat and kitten food brands, interviewing market insiders, testing the quality, and taking professional opinions from trained veterinarians.

    Some of the most trusted names in the kitten food industry have partnered with us to sell their products through our online portal. Some examples include Whiskas, Applaws, Sheba, Meo and Royal Canin Kitten Food. Be assured, when you shop with us, that we sell only top-quality food having non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your kitten's consumption. For more information or queries regarding our products, contact us at Supertails.

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