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Farmina N&D is a novel pet food brand that combines the perfect ingredients to create nourishing food for your four-legged buddies. Have you ever wondered what the 'N&D' in the brand's name stands for? It means "Natural and Delicious". These words sum up what the Farmina pet food products represent. Try out the diverse varieties of Farmina N&D dog food and N&D cat food formulated under strict quality control. The Farmina dog food range extends to wet dog food and dry dog food, and the Farmina cat food range extends to wet cat food and dry cat food.

Why should you buy Farmina N&D dog & cat food?

The formulation of Farmina pet foods employs nature and science in perfect harmony. All the products have gone through extensive scientific research emphasising the cruelty-free approach. A lot of thought has gone into the products to make them aromatic and palatable for your precious pets. Rich in essential amino acids like taurine and lysine, these products provide significant health benefits to your furry companions.

Top benefits of Farmina N&D foods

  • The preservation of Farmina N&D dog food and N&D cat food employs natural antioxidants (Tocopherol-rich extracts) instead of chemical preservatives.
  • All ingredients come from certified farms, and the company tests them carefully for quality.
  • The Farmina N&D puppy food and N&D kitten food have the correct balance of protein in the form of chicken or lamb meat and fish oil as fats (for cat food).
  • The carbs used are GMO-free, such as oats, potatoes, and rice.
  • The exclusive N and D pumpkin dog food supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals for your dog's growth, and its fibre-rich content aids digestion.
  • Breed-specific diets

    Farmina pet foods have customised nutrition available for specific breeds and types. For instance, the gluten-free N&D neutered cat food has a low-fat and high-fibre content to maintain the ideal weight of sterilised cats. There are generic products that all breeds can consume.

    Size-specific diets

    Farmina N and D dog foods and Farmina N and D cat food are available according to your pets' size and life stage. The Farmina wet cat food will suit your kitten by providing moisture and protein. The N&D dry cat food is more appropriate for their adult counterparts. The same applies to wet dog food and dry dog food.

    Why is Farmina N and D the best pet food brand in India?

    Farmina helps pet parents find the apt product according to their pets' needs and tastes. Advanced technology like twin screw extruders, vacuum coaters, and controlled atmosphere packaging ensures product safety. The Farmina pet foods receive certification from authorised bodies before getting released into the market.

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