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37% of dogs and 58% of cats get anxious during vet visits

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Dr. Shantanu Kalambi

Rescuing wildlife, saving sea turtles, releasing elephants into the wild and performing life saving operations on dogs and cats - It’s just a Tuesday for Dr. Shantanu Kalambi. A man who has dedicated his life to the welfare of animals, Dr. Shantanu has over two decades of experience in working with animals.

Dr. Archit

Dr. Archith K. Sridhar is an experienced veterinarian skilled in treating various species and has expertise in wildlife photography and ecology. He holds a gold medal from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Pondicherry, and a Masters in Practical Entomology from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Dr. Shameeka Rao

Dr. Shameeka Rao is a veterinarian and conservationist with a Masters in Global Wildlife Health and Conservation from the University of Bristol, UK. She has extensive experience in treating diverse species as an urban wildlife veterinarian and has worked with GIZ India in biodiversity conservation and policy implementation.

Dr. Rohit Joseph

Dr. Rohit completed his veterinary degree from the prestigious Bombay Veterinary College. With over 5 years of practical experience in the field, he has honed his expertise in providing compassionate medical care and performing complex surgical procedures for companion animals.

Dr. Zaiba Tarannum

Dr. Zaiba is a graduate of Hassan Veterinary College, Karnataka, with over one year of experience as a Veterinary Physician where she has developed a strong foundation in providing comprehensive medical care for animals. Her genuine love for animals since childhood has been her driving force in pursuing a career as a veterinarian, as she believes it's her way of giving back to them.

Dr Neha

Dr. Neha Menon, an associate veterinarian, holds a degree in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry from Pondicherry Veterinary College. Her passion for animals and interest in alternative medicine drives her holistic approach to animal care.

What pet parents are saying about us...
“Yumi lost her birth mom when she was just 3 weeks old, and we were overwhelmed with how to properly care for her. Thanks to Supertails and Dr. Nithya, with their constant support and guidance, Yumi is now thriving and happier than ever.”
Arpita Dwivedi
Pet parent of Yumi
“The doctors are so very systematic and friendly, i believe as though i have a family vet for my young Bosco, someone i can reach out to anytime despite the distance.”
Niketa Bakshi
Pet parent of Bosco
“We and our little rescued bird are really grateful to you. She is much better since we consulted you. It would be a pleasure to recommend you to our other animal lover groups. Thankyou supertails”
TJ Mukhjee
Pet parent of Jhuttu
“I found our best and Google found his perfect healer and curer in Dr. Archith Sridhar. We are utmost grateful and appreciative of his patience and the hope that he’s given us with his treatment and therapy.”
Vidhi Arya
Pet parent of Google

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Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from Supertails online vet consultation?
Supertails online vet consultation offers convenient and reliable veterinary care for your pet from the comfort of your own home. When you book a consultation, you can expect the following:
1. Book your consultation: You can easily book a consultation on our website or through our mobile app. Choose a convenient time slot that works for you and your pet.
2. Within 10 minutes, our vet will call you: Our experienced and qualified veterinarians will call you within 10 minutes of your scheduled consultation time. If you book a later time slot, our vet will call you at the scheduled time.They will listen attentively to your concerns, ask relevant questions, and provide expert advice on your pet's health.
3. A prescription will be sent along with a link from where you can order medicines at 10% off: If your pet requires medication, our vet will issue a prescription. You will receive the prescription via WhatsApp, along with a link to order the medicines from our trusted pharmacy partner at a discounted rate of 10% off.
4. Get same-day delivery on medicines: We understand the importance of timely medication for your pet's health. That's why our pharmacy partner offers same-day delivery of medicines, ensuring that your pet gets the required treatment as soon as possible.
What happens after consultation with the vet?
Once your session with the vet is complete, we’ll share the post consultation kit with you. This includes
1. Medical records, treatment plan and prescription
2. A complimentary pet health report
3. Complimentary 10% off and free delivery on medicines purchased
Can online vet consultations diagnose my pet's condition accurately?
Our vets are rigorously trained to provide you with the best experience and treatment. With an average rating of 4.96 in 35k+ consultations, and an extremely high recovery rate, our online consultations are as good as they can be.
Can I get a second opinion through an online veterinary consultation?
Yes, you can get a second opinion from a veterinarian through an online veterinary consultation. Second opinions can be helpful in cases where the pet has a complex medical condition, and the pet owner wants to explore alternative treatment options.
I have a minor query to ask the doctor. Do I still have to book a consultation?
Yes, minor issues can often be a precursor to a deeper problem. Our vets will be able to identify any issues that are ongoing, and provide you with an optimum solution. Additionally, you can chat with a vet for an initial assessment.
My pet is difficult to handle. How will I medicate it at home?
Don’t worry, our vets will be able to provide you with multiple ways to medicate your pet appropriately. We will also share informative videos that will guide you through the basic medication protocols.
Are online veterinary consultations suitable for behavioural issues in pets?
Online veterinary consultations can assist with mild to moderate behavioural issues, general advice, and training tips, including identifying triggers, environmental enrichment, and training exercises. Severe issues may require in-person consultation with a veterinary behaviourist or certified dog trainer.
Is online veterinary consultation available for all pets?
Our vets are trained to treat any species or breed of pets, including but not limited to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and even fish. Any pet requiring veterinary care can benefit from an online consultation, provided the condition is diagnosable and treatable remotely.
Are veterinary consultations covered by pet insurance?
Yes, in most cases, pet insurance policies cover the cost of veterinary consultations, including online veterinary consultations. However, it's important to note that the level of coverage may vary depending on the specific policy and the insurance provider.
In case of an emergency. What do I do?
In an emergency, we recommend that you visit the closest veterinary hospital or clinic where a veterinarian can physically examine your pet, and time-sensitive treatment can be started.