What To Feed Feral Cats: Dos and Don'ts

What To Feed Feral Cats: Dos and Don'ts

Feral cats, wild kitties and stray cats - when it comes to abandoned felines, we refer to them by various mysterious names. They can be found peeking out from the backside of our house or sniffing around the neighbourhood. These abandoned cats mostly share a similar destiny– short lives due to lack of food and shelter, etc. Chances are, you may find some of them begging for food at your door.

If so, it’s unlikely that you have cat food stocked up in your kitchen to feed them then and there, right? Also, due to lack of knowledge of which food to offer and which not to, is a concern when you run to the pet store to get some.

Therefore, we decided to help you out by mentioning some food to feed feral cats in their time of need.

Dos and Don’ts of feeding feral cats



It is one of the best food items to serve a stray cat. It is simple and plain food that smells pungent which encourages a nervous cat to eat or direct them towards the food bowl.

Various vets also suggest placing tuna in the first place on your cat food checklist to ease the feeding process and help them get the required nutritional content. Try to buy the most natural tuna possible. For instance, you can go for ​​Schesir Tuna Natural Style Cat Wet Food.  It is gluten and grain-free cat food with no preservatives, colouring and additives. You can check this product on Supertails to get a better understanding of the specifications and features of this food.

Chicken and beef

Another great option to feed cats is simply cooked (boneless) chicken. To make it more delicious, one can add a little plain boiled rice or even unseasoned scrambled eggs to the dish. 

You can buy some healthy chicken cat food from various online pet stores for different cats. Like for adult cats, you can consider Whiskas Chicken in Gravy Adult Cat Wet Food for senior cats and Whiskas Chicken in Gravy Meal Kitten Wet Food for small kitties.

Plain rice or sweet potato

Plain rice and sweet potato are good fixes for a starving feral cat. These food items will not only make them feel full but also aid their digestion process. 

These can be great options to offer. Just make sure to not provide them with stale food as it can do more harm than good.


Dog food

Many times, if you are out of cat food, the next best thing you may think of feeding them is dog food. However, this is not such a good idea. Pet foods are specifically made and processed to suit the stomach of different animals. That said, dog food is ideal for canines and cat food for felines. So, do not mix them up.

Most fruits and veggies

Some people think that they can feed feral cats some fruits and vegetables as they are easily available at home. But, this should not be the case. Also, cats are carnivores and feeding them tomatoes and potatoes may give them gastrointestinal problems. Hence, avoid offering them fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

However, you can offer them bananas, cooked sweet pumpkin and eggs at minimal proportions during critical times. Else try to avoid human foods to keep your new feline friend healthy.

For detailed knowledge on what and how to feed feral cats, you can enroll in some online pet consultations held by Supertails. There you can connect with renowned vets and ask them your queries easily.