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Just like us, our pets can also suffer from unforeseeable illnesses and injuries. From a playtime scratch wound to coat infections and vomiting, our pets are susceptible to such incidents. In such cases, having a first aid box and knowing what to do in an emergency could save your pet’s life.

Various vets also encourage pet parents to carry a first aid kit everywhere they go in order to be prepared for any unwanted incidents. Even at home, parents must have an emergency kit to aid their pet in the time of need.

However, the question remains, what should you include in your pet’s first aid kit? Every problem requires a specific solution. Similarly, different emergency situations like bleeding, wounds and scalds need accurate medical help to heal.

In this blog, we have covered some of the common emergencies and their solutions for you to give first aid to your pet until help from a veterinarian arrives.

Different First Aid Essentials For Your Pet Bleeding

The first and foremost thing to stop the bleeding is to try and keep your pet as calm as possible. Next step is to put a tight bandage over the wound. You can also improvise with a towel or some old clothes if necessary. In case blood is seeping through, consider adding another layer of clothing.

 You can go for the Glenand Pet Heal Flexible Bandage from Supertails. This bandage is made from soft and breathable material. Plus it won’t require frequent readjustments. Just make sure to not put it on for more than 24 hours.

In those places you cannot bandage, press the pad firmly onto the wound and head to the vet straight away.

Pet First Aid Items for Burns And Scalds

If your pet has scalds or burns, run cold water over these for at least 5 minutes. Then contact your vet.  Avoid applying ointments or cream. However, if there is going to be a delay getting to the vet, you can apply saline-soaked dressing or wipes to the area. Consider getting the best quality wipes from renowned brands like Supertails. We offer reliable pet supplies. Some of them are Basil All Purpose wet Wipes, Absolute Pet Absorb Plus Floral Scented Antibacterial Wipes, etc. 

Pet First Aid Items for Indigestion

Your pet can suffer from indigestion at any time. And you can recognise it by understanding some potential symptoms. These may include loss of appetite, flatulence, trouble sleeping, vomiting, etc. Fortunately, these discomforts can be relieved with the help of certain effective digestive stimulants.

We have Himalaya Digestive stimulant Digyton Plus Syrup which is formulated to stimulate the secretion of relevant enzymes in the stomach to help the digestion process. It includes Black Pepper and Licorice that’s helpful in secreting saliva in the stomach. It also has anti-flatulent and digestive properties to treat gastric infections and abdominal pains.

First Aid Products To Remove Ticks And Fleas

Ticks and fleas are the most common problem found in pets. Small ticks and fleas tend to get stuck in the pet’s coat or fur. Thus pet parents need to pay extra attention and get rid of it before they get deeper inside the fur and cause infection. A tick removal kit is necessary to be included in the first aid box. Include tweezers and pet safe cleaning agents to easily remove and disinfect the contaminated area on the body of your pet. 

Many pet parents consider various daily essentials to help their pets steer clear of getting infected by ticks. Go for products like Wahl Flea and Tick Shampoo and conditioner. We also offer such tick and flea repellent products to fulfil the needs and requirements of the pet parents.

However, it is beneficial to always connect with a vet to get the best solution for these problems. You can chat with one of the vets from Supertails to be updated with the ways and products to deal with certain emergencies. Click here to start chatting now.

Furthermore, for acute diseases and severe road accidents, waste no time and seek immediate medical help for your pet.

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