Top 10 Best Cat Food Brands in India

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What's the best cat food, and how do you know if your cat is getting the proper nutrition? Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they depend on meat for survival. A cat's diet should contain high levels of protein and fat and low levels of carbohydrates. The best cat food will have all of these ingredients in proportions that meet your Cat's nutritional needs.

Protein is essential in a cat's diet therefore quality cat food in the market will have a high protein content. Your cat's body uses essential amino acids for growth, repair, and maintenance, it is also a major source of energy for cats.

The best types of cat food will have a minimum of 30% protein, but some brands have as much as 50% protein. With this cat food guide we want to give you an overview of the many elements you need to consider, as well as recommendations for some of the best cat food brands to consider when shopping for cat food for your pet. So that you can make the best choice for your feline friend.

1. Whiskas Food for Cats: Nourish Your Cat's Natural Curiosity

Package of Whiskas Ocean Fish Flavoured Cat Food

When it comes to the best cat food brands in India, Whiskas undoubtedly takes the crown. Your feline companion deserves the best, and Whiskas is committed to providing just that.

One of the key features of Whiskas cat food is its commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Whiskas products are crafted to provide a balanced and complete diet for your cat. Whether it's their dry kibbles or wet pouches, you can be sure that each bite is packed with essential nutrients.

For starters, Whiskas products are known for their delicious flavours that cats absolutely love. This ensures that your feline friend will always look forward to mealtime.

Moreover, Whiskas cat food supports your cat's overall health and well-being. 

It promotes:

  • Healthy coat
  • Strong teeth
  • Supports a robust immune system

Plus, their range includes options for cats of all ages, from kittens to adults, ensuring that your pet gets the right nutrition at every life stage.

Some of the Most Popular Cat Foods by Whiskas Include:

2. Purepet: For a Healthy, Happy, and Playful Cat

Package of Purepet Kitten Cat Food

Purepet has earned a well-deserved reputation for crafting cat food that caters to the unique dietary needs and preferences of our furry companions. With a range of options to choose from, you can find the perfect meal that suits your cat's taste and health requirements.

Purepet cat food is specially formulated to provide a balanced and complete diet, ensuring your cat gets all the essential nutrients for a vibrant life. Some of the things that Purepet cat food include:

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Purepet uses premium ingredients, ensuring the quality and safety of every meal.

  • Variety of Flavors: We offer a wide range of flavours to cater to even the pickiest eaters.

  • Nutrient-Rich Formulas: Each formula is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support your cat's overall health.

  • Digestibility: Purepet food is easily digestible, promoting a happy tummy and preventing digestive issues.

  • No Artificial Additives: We pride ourselves on the absence of artificial flavours and preservatives, providing a natural and wholesome diet for your cat.

Among some of the most popular cat food offerings, you can explore Purepet's Kitten Cat FoodPurepet Mackerel Adult Dry Cat Food, and many more. Each product is designed to meet the specific dietary requirements of cats at various life stages.

3. Royal Canin Cat Food: Your Cat's Best Friend

Package of Royal Canin Adult Persian Cat Food

Royal Canin has been a trusted name in pet nutrition for over 50 years. Their cat food formulas are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of cats, taking into consideration their age, size, breed, and specific health concerns. Here are some key features of Royal Canin Cat Food-

  • Tailored Nutrition: One of the standout features of Royal Canin cat food is its tailored approach to nutrition. They offer a wide range of formulas designed to meet the specific needs of different cats, ensuring your pet gets precisely what they require.

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Royal Canin uses premium ingredients that are not only delicious but also provide essential nutrients for your cat's overall well-being.

  • Scientifically Formulated: Their recipes are developed based on extensive research and scientific knowledge, making them a reliable choice for maintaining your cat's health.

Popular Choices Among Royal Canin Cat Food:

  • Royal Canin Persian KittenSpecially formulated for Persian kittens, this blend supports their delicate digestion and long, luxurious fur.

  • Royal Canin British Shorthair: Ideal for British Shorthair cats, this formula takes care of their unique nutritional needs.

  • Royal Canin Indoor: Perfect for indoor cats, this recipe helps with weight management and reduces the risk of hairballs.

4. Drools Cat Food: The Best Way to Pamper Your Cat

Drools 22 Kg Pack of Cat Food

Drools cat food is meticulously crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of your beloved cat. With years of expertise and a commitment to quality, Drools has earned a well-deserved reputation in the pet food industry. Here are some reasons why Drools cat food might be the right choice for your pet-

  • Healthier Skin and Fur: Thanks to the essential fatty acids, your cat's coat will shine with vitality.

  • Optimal Weight Management: Drools cat food helps control your cat's weight, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Strong Immune System: The balanced nutrients enhance your cat's immune system, protecting them from illnesses.

Popular Choices Among Drools Cat Food:

Drools Cat Food is not just cat food; it's an expression of your love and care. With their unwavering commitment to quality and a range of delectable options, Drools is a brand that truly understands what it means to pamper your cat. Give your furry friend the gift of Drools, and watch them thrive with every meal. Your cat's happiness and health are in good hands with Drools.

5. Me-O Cat Food: Nutritionally Complete and Deliciously Meowy

Me-O Tuna Adult Cat Food

Me-O understands the unique dietary needs of your cat. That's why they've crafted a range of cat food that's not just a meal but a wholesome experience. They've been in the business of making cats happy for a long time, and it shows. They continue being one of the the most beloved cat food brands by pet parents because of: 

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Me-O cat food is made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients that ensure your cat receives the best nutrition.

  • Nutritionally Complete: Each Me-O formula is carefully balanced to meet your cat's specific dietary requirements, promoting overall health and vitality.

  • Delicious Flavors: Cats can be quite finicky, but Me-O offers a range of mouthwatering flavours that your pet won't be able to resist.

  • Digestibility: Me-O cat food is designed for easy digestion, reducing the risk of tummy troubles for your cat.

Some Popular Choices Among Me-O Cat Food:

Some of the popular choices among Me-O cat food include: 

These variants cater to different taste preferences and dietary needs, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your cat.

6. Sheba Cat Food: Made with Love, for the Love of Your Cat

Sheba Chicken with Tuna in Gravy Wet Cat Food

Sheba cat food is more than just a meal; it's an expression of love for your beloved pet. Crafted with precision and care, this brand has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the top cat food choices in India. Here are some ways Sheba cat food can benefit your cat in more ways than one-

  • Variety of Flavors: Sheba offers a wide range of flavors to cater to every cat's palate, from tender chicken to succulent tuna.

  • Nutrient-Rich Formulas: These formulas are meticulously balanced to ensure your cat receives the essential nutrients for a healthy and happy life.

  • Healthy Coat: Thanks to the high-quality ingredients, Sheba promotes a glossy and soft coat, making your cat even more beautiful.

  • Digestive Health: The carefully crafted recipes are gentle on your cat's stomach, reducing the chances of digestive issues.

Here are Some of the Most Recommended Cat Foods By Sheba:

Some of Sheba's most-loved products include:

Your cat's happiness is our priority, and with Sheba Cat Food, you're giving them the ultimate gift of love and nutrition. Choose Sheba today and watch your cat thrive on the best!

7. Applaws: Naturally Good for Your Cat

Applaws Ocean Fish Natural Cat Food

Applaws cat food is a name trusted by pet parents for its commitment to providing natural and wholesome nutrition. It stands out in the market for a variety of reasons. 

But what makes Applaws truly unique? Some, of the reasons for this are-

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Applaws takes pride in using only the finesthigh-quality ingredients, making it a top choice for health-conscious cat owners.

  • Grain-Free Formulation: This cat food is grain-free, which can be a blessing for cats with dietary sensitivities or allergies.

  • High Protein Content: Cats are obligate carnivores, and Applaws recognizes this by offering high-protein recipes that support your cat's muscle development and overall health.

Must Try Among Applaws Cat Foods:

Among the popular Applaws cat food options, the:

Have won the hearts of many cat parents.

8. Friskies: Fun and Flavor for Every Cat

Friskies 6.5 Kgs Cat Food with Flavours of Mackerel, Tuna, Salmon & Sardine

Friskies is a renowned cat food brand known for its commitment to providing wholesome nutrition for cats. They understand that your fur baby deserves the best, and their products reflect that dedication. So, what makes Friskies right for you:

  • Taste Sensation: Friskies cat food offers a range of flavours that cats simply adore. From succulent fish to savoury chicken, they cater to your cat's taste preferences.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Friskies ensure that every meal is packed with essential nutrients to keep your cat healthy and energetic. It's a complete and balanced diet for your furry companion

  • Variety: With a wide variety of options, including dry kibble and wet food, Friskies makes it easy to find the perfect meal for your cat's unique needs.

Popular Choices among Friskies Products:

Some of the most popular choices among Friskies cat food products include:

  • Friskies Kitten Cat Dry Food
  • Friskies Surfin Cat Dry Food

Their range of flavours, balanced nutrition, and affordability make them a top pick for pet parents in India. Your cat will thank you for the tasty meals and quality care that come with every bowl of Friskies.

9. Farmina Cat Food: The Best of Nature for Your Feline Friend

Farmina N&D Prime Adult Cat Food

Farmina is a renowned brand that prioritises your cat's health and happiness. They believe in the power of nature, crafting recipes that include high-quality, natural ingredients to provide optimum nutrition for your furry friend. This brand is famous for its:

  • Natural Ingredients: Farmina's cat food is packed with natural goodness, free from artificial preservatives and additives. It's as close to a natural feline diet as you can get.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Each product is expertly formulated to meet the specific needs of cats, ensuring they receive the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

  • Variety of Options: Farmina offers a wide range of products, from kibble to wet food, so you can find the perfect fit for your cat's preferences.

Cat Foods to Try by Farmina:

Among the popular choices from Farmina are:

These products offer unique ingredients and flavours to cater to different tastes.

10. Temptations: The Irresistibly Delicious Cat Food

Temptations Tuna Flavoured Cat Treats

Temptations cat food is renowned for its delectable treats that cats can't resist. Crafted with utmost care, these treats are a delightful way to show your love for your furry companion. Made from high-quality ingredients, Temptations cat food ensures both flavour and nutrition in every bite through:

  • Irresistible Taste: Temptations cat food is famous for its mouthwatering flavours that cats adore. It's a surefire way to make mealtime enjoyable for your pet.

  • Nutrition and Quality: Temptations prioritise the health of your cat by using premium ingredients. These treats are not only tasty but also nutritious.

  • Variety: Temptations offer a variety of flavours and types to cater to different preferences and dietary needs.

Tempting Top Picks Among Temptations Cat Foods:

Among Temptations' products, some popular choices include:

These options cater to various taste preferences and ensure your cat's excitement at mealtime.

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Best Cat Food

While choosing the best cat food, consider the following factors.

  • Breed or the size: You should feed cats according to their breed and body size.

  • Age: In their eight to ten-month fast development, kittens need more food since they use their nutrition and energy more quickly. You need to provide them with the best kitten food throughout this period. On the other side, older cats only need two meals each day.

  • Activity level: You should feed the hyperactive cats more than those who are not.

  • Health: Before picking the cat food, take your Cat to your vet and check if it is overweight or underweight. Then, choose the best cat food for your Cat.

Start browsing for the best cat food available in the market which will help your cat stay healthy and happy loaded with vitamins and energy.

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