3 benefits of slow eating food bowls

3 benefits of slow eating food bowls - Supertails

Does your dog wolf down their food like it’s the first time they’re eating? Or does your pal have a habit of gulping the dog food too quickly?

Food consumed inappropriately can cause certain complications like choking, gas and bloating. Yes, even dogs do suffer from these issues. Now, you must be thinking about how to teach your pet to eat food slowly, right? Well, teaching is a continuous process and it may take time to get properly implemented. Till then, you should consider certain slow eating food bowls specially designed for pets to keep their health in check. In addition, several vets emphasise the need for these bowls to prevent unwanted digestive issues or choking. Read on to get better insights on some essential points to buy slow feeders for your pal.

Advantages of using a slow eating food bowl suggested by veterinarians.

  • Reduces the risk of bloat

The first and foremost reason to consider a slow dog feeding bowl is to curb extra gas buildup and bloating. According to some vets, large and giant dog breeds are more prone to develop these problems. Though bloating is a very common and curable discomfort but when not treated or paid attention to, can lead to some life-threatening diseases. As in severe cases, excess gas pressure causes a dog stomach to fill with air and cut off circulation to the heart. To avoid such scenarios, it is advisable to use slow feeders and live a happy life with your companion.

  • Make your dog feel fuller and for longer

Considering a slow eating food bowl will help your pal to eat bit by bit. This will improve their digestion process and keep the dog away from ailing gut issues. Plus, it will make your dog feel fuller and more satisfied for a longer duration. Hence, introducing a slow feeder to make mealtimes a little extended to allow your dog’s stomach to catch up with their brain and receive “I am full signal”. Besides, it will also help in preventing overeating.

  • Increases mental stimulation

These bowls not only help in developing good eating habits but also in keeping your dog’s mind sharp. Many of the bowls are designed to be a challenge for your pet to work hard for their food. Like, some dog feeding bowls come in puzzle-like shapes. This eventually increases their mental activity. A physically and mentally fit dog is less likely to behave in destructive ways to relieve pent up energy or boredom.

These three are the most important benefits of slow eating food bowls for dogs. However, buying the best quality bowl is also essential to let your pal eat food easily without having broken or wear and tear issues. Supertails provides the finest quality of pet essentials including dog food and slow feeders. Explore the website to get a one-stop solution to all your pets’ requirements along with online vet consultations on your devices.