3 Important cat grooming tips to follow in the cold season

3 Important cat grooming tips to follow in the cold season

Cats can significantly spend a part of their day grooming themselves. They have an unbelievably flexible body which led them to reach all parts with ease. In fact, they also have backwards pointing spines in their tongue which acts like a comb. These attributes of cats are amazing but may have developed some misconceptions about their grooming needs. However, this is not true, like humans, cats also require optimum care and attention to maintain good health and hygiene.

According to veterinarians, cats need regular grooming, especially in colder months to lead a healthy and happy life. And, being a pet parent, you would also like to have your cat look well-groomed and pleasing. To achieve it, you should adopt a good cat’s grooming routine to keep them warm and comfortable throughout winter. Keep scrolling to discover some effective cat nurturing tips to inculcate in your daily activities.

A guide to cat grooming in the winter season

Take care of the cat’s coat

At the arrival of winters, cats shed their summer coat to have a thicker and warmer new layer to protect them from freezing temperatures. Once it's done, you have to comb and brush the coat to avoid knots and remove loose fur. Also, if your cat has long-haired fur, then it becomes imperative for you to plan daily grooming sessions to maintain the good health of their coat. This will help to prevent matting and reduce the chances of getting infections.

Ear cleaning

Ear cleaning should be done at regular intervals. All the dirt, germs, and leaves can get accumulated in their ears as cats are natural wanderers. So, you have to make sure that their ears are cleaned to avoid infection, be free from odour, redness or discharge. You can schedule cat’s ear care twice a week or as per your vet’s suggestion. Furthermore, this part is quite sensitive for the pet, doing cleansing carefully and in a calm manner will be the best approach to follow here. 

Dry skin and dandruff in the cold season

Although the cat’s skin is protected by its fur, you still have to keep an eye on it during the chills. Extreme dry and cold weather conditions can result in dull and dry skin. It can eventually lead to dandruff related problems. Many pet parents spot flakes on their cat’s skin during winters. If you also notice these skin issues, it is better to not waste time and arrange a humidifier to add moisture back indoors and keep your cat safe from harsh climatic conditions.

A healthy cat is a happy cat. Hence, you must consider following the above-mentioned pointers along with regular bathing sessions to maintain your cat’s well being in winters. However, please note that some cats may become violent during grooming activities or may not prefer being touched. In such a scenario, you can rely on pet doctors or professional groomers to aid you in need. In addition, you can even consult a pet behaviour expert at Supertails to understand ways for developing a friendly bond with your cat to groom them well.