6 things that cats love doing

Written by: Karan Arora



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To start off, cats like a lot of things. They’re not so much the mysterious beings that they are made out to be. They love their independence and their freedom as much as they enjoy playing and cuddling with their humans.

If you’ve been a cat parent, you’ve probably already made a list of things your cat finds fascinating or enjoys. But if you’re new to the kitty world or are planning on getting one into your life, this list might come in handy.

Here are a few things your cat will absolutely love: 

Cats love grooming themselves:

Did you know adult cats spend approximately half of their waking hours grooming? We guess it's pretty evident that grooming is an important part of a kitty's life! But why do cats love grooming so much? Here are a few reasons: 

  1. Cats are clean freaks. And grooming helps them remove dirt and grime from their coats. You’ll often find cats licking their coats. This is because it prevents predators and prey from detecting them. Licking their coats helps get rid of smells that could help a predator find them. 
  2. It keeps their skin and coat healthy. Regular grooming disperses oils that are  naturally produced by a cat's fur, keeping their coat healthy, shiny, and well hydrated.
  3. It makes them feel relaxed. There's nothing more relaxing than a massage, right? Well, cats feel the same way when they’re grooming themselves!
  4. It helps them bond with other kitties. If you’ve noticed cats groom each other—and sometimes, their humans too! This is to develop and strengthen their bond.
  5. It cools them off. Humans sweat, dogs pant, and cats lick themselves. When it's super hot, cats dampen their fur with saliva to cool off.

Cats love working for food:

Cats actually appreciate working for their food more than just being fed. Cats have instincts, they’re smart beings, and when they don’t feel mentally stimulated to track down prey, they can get pretty bored. A lack of mental challenge can lead to aggression, territory marking, and attention seeking among cats.

Cats love a stimulating environment:

Your cat may spend most of its day indoors and while it can protect them from infections, it can cause a few behavioral problems as well. If you’ve noticed your cat seeking attention more than usual or defecating outside the litter box, excessive grooming or scratching- these may all be signs of behavioral problems. This mostly happens when they don’t receive enough stimulation from their environment. Cats need to spend their energy and use their minds to feel happy. If you have an indoor cat, try giving them interactive toys, food puzzles, or hunting games to keep things fresh and engaging for them.

Cats love high places:

Have you noticed that your cat loves relaxing in high places? Cats prefer sleeping and hanging out in a high position since it gives them an aerial view for any potential danger from predators. This instinct comes from their ancestry, early cats were hunters and climbing a tall tree helped them wait and skillfully catch their prey. Climbing had a survival value back then, and now it’s just a way of life for your cat.

Cats love a nice scratching post:

It’s every cat’s basic instinct to sharpen their claws by scratching and clawing on different surfaces. This could mean disaster for your new couch! So it’s best to invest in a scratching post to keep them busy without ruining your home décor.

Your cat loves you!

We had to keep this one a cliché! If there’s one thing your cats definitely love more than food, it’s you! While cats are often depicted as solitary animals, who love their alone time, that might not be entirely true. Cats love attention and love from their favorite human. Look out for purring, sleeping close to you, meowing and licking you - this is them telling you they love you. 

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