3 Best Cat Grooming Essentials To Look For In 2022

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Cats are one of the excellent groomers you can have in your home. They are also known for self-cleaning, as their tongues include microscopic spines that comb the fur and help them to distribute saliva onto the coat. But, with this, it is also critical to make a cat grooming routine by using grooming essentials. Regular grooming will benefit all cats by preventing knots and reducing hair fall. It also helps in the strengthening of friendship with your pet.

Cat grooming products you must buy for your kitty

High-quality nail trimmers

Cat claws should be trimmed to prevent them from scratching furniture or carpets. If the pet owner has little children, cutting a cat's nails can make the cat safer to play with. To trim a cat's nails, softly press down on the top of their paw to extend their claws, then clip each claw individually without cutting the quick. When clipping your cat's nails, make sure to use cat-specific trimmers from Supertails, like Trixie Claw Scissors for pets. They are easy to use and made with high-quality material.

Types of brushers

Brushing a cat removes dirt and extra hair while also preventing knots and maintaining the smoothness of their coat. Always brush your cat in the same direction where the fur grows. Be gentle on their chest and stomach, as these areas are particularly sensitive. The optimal brushing technique for a cat is determined by the length of its fur. So, make sure you have an idea of brushing the coat properly. Your task can become more convenient when you buy the best quality brushes for pets, such as Andis Steel Comb and Emily Pets Black Slicker Brush for double and long-coated pets from platforms like  Supertails.

Shampoo for cats and a spray hose

When given a bath, most cats dread getting wet and will struggle or resist. Baths are not required for regular grooming because cats clean themselves with their saliva. On the other hand, cats who love playing outdoors may grow exceptionally filthy or have oily fur. For a cat bath, you must have a Trixie Long Coat Cat Shampoo and warm water with a comfortable temperature for the cat. Fill the sink or tub with a few inches of water and start washing from the top down. It's best not to use shampoo or spray water straight on the cat's head because it can frighten them.

To sum it up

Overall, pet grooming essentials include a wide range of activities and products. It is critical for paw lovers to be very specific about the grooming process they are undertaking in order to keep their pets healthy, cat eating food, and have good hygiene. Although your furry friend deserves the best in all of these areas, we may not always be able to devote the time and consideration they require.

This is why we at Supertails have you covered with our comprehensive, high-quality pet grooming products that are delivered directly to your doorstep!

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