3 Cat Feeding Mistakes One Should Never Commit

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We make plenty of mistakes while feeding ourselves. From adding too much sugar or salt to consuming bland meals, there are errors we commit while preparing the food. So it is understandable to make mistakes while feeding little cats. Because there is much more than putting out some kibble in the cat feeding bowl once a day.

Furthermore, cats have specific dietary needs which have to be met for them to stay fit and fine. From the type of food they eat to the way of feeding, there are a bunch of mistakes that pet parents commit due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. Renowned vets also assert that cat owners can potentially commit errors while feeding their furry companions.

If you also have a lovely cat to whom you want to feed in the right way, look no further.

Here are some common cat feeding mistakes to rectify for healthy living.

Mistake #1- Allowing your pet to graze all-day

One of the most common mistakes people make is overfeeding. Yes, too much food is also harmful to health, be it humans or pets. It can make your cat obese, harbouring several diseases like diabetes, arthritis and urinary tract disorder. Plus, your pet will become lethargic and easily bored throughout the day. Hence, it is best to keep tabs on your cat’s mealtimes and quantity of food to avoid such discomforts.

Mistake #2- Holding more onto dry cat food

According to veterinarians and health nutritionists, this is the biggest mistake a pet parent can make while feeding a cat. There must be a balance between wet and dry food. And, prefer canned food over dry cat treats as it will hose down your cat’s bladder several times a day. As a result, your feline will not suffer from dehydration and other water deficiency problems.

Mistake #3- Not consulting a vet about cat diet

Another error that you must avoid is not consulting a vet. There is no one better person than a veterinarian to guide you every step of the way regarding your cat’s diet plan. Many pet parents rely on pet food labels to understand the type of food and nutrition for their cats.

Every pet is different from one another. So, you simply cannot judge your cat’s metabolism, likes and dislikes by looking at the labels. Here is where vets play a vital role in understanding your pet needs and requirements. 

If you are unable to visit a clinic, and want to understand what's happening with your cat, click here to start chatting with one of out vets and discuss any concern that you may have.

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