A Guide to Choosing The Healthiest Food for Pets

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‘My pet is my source of well-being’- is a beautiful statement made by most of us. But, what about your pets’ well-being? Is your pet getting the right food in the right quantity and with the right nutrients? Not sure? Let us guide you in choosing the healthiest pet food. This blog will help you analyse your pet’s needs according to different factors in the life of your pet.

Important guidelines for choosing the healthiest food for pets

  • Age of your pet: Pets have a similar life cycle to humans in terms of small-growing pets to young seniors and older(7+) pets. The needs of a younger one are different than those of senior pets. Essential proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and water are vital for the growth of your pet. For example, in dog food, you can get hold of special puppy food with essential nutrients like the Pedigree Chicken & Milk Puppy Dry Food. It is filled with the yummy taste of chicken meat and milk and is ideally suited for Pugs, Beagle, Labrador, Golden Retrievers, and German shepherds. While for cats, it is different. Cats feed on all organs of their prey and therefore you can buy the wholesome Orijen Cat & Kitten Dry Food available on Supertails.
  • Pet Category: Not all your pets can have the same food. So you should separate dog food from cat food at all times. You must give fish-based pet food to cats while dogs savor chicken meat. Puppies and dogs also like to have special treats. You can order your pets’ favorite biscuits and flavored treats from a variety of options on Supertails.
  • Dry and wet pet food: Dry pet food is where processed food contains nearly 90% dry content and 10% water while wet pet food has a greater quantity of water. Choosing between dry and wet pet food depends on your pet’s preference and dietary needs. Generally, dry pet food contains stored meat that is free of starch and therefore is easy to digest. Wet pet food on the other hand contains fresh meat and other ingredients that are considered much healthier than dry food. If in doubt you can consider talking to a Vet for further guidance.
  • Reading the labels of pet food products: Sincere efforts should be taken in reading the labels of different pet food products. Some of the points on the label to be considered are brand name, manufacturer, pet category, ingredients, number of nutrients and the total nutritional value, dry or wet category, storage considerations, and the amount and type of by-products. By-products in pet food are considered highly nutritious and should be included in your pet’s daily diet.
  • Adequacy: Adequacy in simple terms is a statement made by a manufacturer regarding the nutritional value of a particular pet food product. This statement includes the nutrient value for the particular life stage of a pet. For example, a label on a pet food product may read as ‘This food is complete and is appropriate for all life cycles of the pet’ or some labels may say ‘This food is nutritionally adequate for growing pets’. An adequacy statement may provide you with more useful information regarding the nutrition of your pet.
  • Balanced diet: Pets like humans need a balanced diet. It is not only the meat that gives them the nutrition, you should also include fruits, vegetables, grains, and fluids in your pet’s daily diet. This then makes it possible for your pet to grow optimally and not turn obese or malnourished when only one type of food is given. Home-cooked food should also be given with careful consideration and under the guidance of a Vet or a nutritionist. Check out the new range of pet food products available on Supertails. The pet foods here offer all the required nutrients in a single product.
  • Weight of the pet: Growing pets have a greater body weight than their senior counterparts. Pet food made especially for obese and growing pets contains higher amounts of dietary fiber that aids in digestion and keeps your pet’s weight within the optimal range. Senior pets on the other hand have lower body weight and therefore require more calorie foods with a good amount of proteins and essential fats.


Pets form an important part of our lives. They should be nurtured and kept healthy as we do for humans. Pets also have nutritional needs which are much more than human babies. Giving them your food or any other food may not suffice for them nutritionally in the long run. Dogs and cats have individual needs and preferences. You should consider certain points when buying food for your pet. These include the age and weight of your pet, nutritional needs and importance of a balanced diet, reading labels of pet food products for their ingredients, and adequacy statements.

Supertails is an online pet store for your lovely cats and dogs. It has a wide range of pet food and pet food supplies from the most popular and trusted pet food brands. You need not hunt for nutritious food for your pet around the town. We take care of all your pet’s needs and deliver them to your house in no time. You may also consult a Vet for further guidance.

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