An ultimate guide on how to bathe your cat

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Cats are known to be self-sufficient. You must have observed, with their teeth, tongues and paws, cats usually keep themselves clean without any outside intervention. There is no denying that your feline friend is a pro in maintaining good hygiene. However, sometimes, your cat might need your help, especially if they are long-haired breeds. Also, when they are covered with some sticky, smelly, and dirty substances which they find difficult to remove themselves. During such scenarios, a deep cleansing bath can be an optimum solution to take care of their health and hygiene.

However, cats are not that friendly when it comes to bathing. In fact, some of them don’t like being wet. To prevent such violence or behavioural problems, pet parents have to carefully follow some essential bathing tips.

Read on to discover how to safely bathe your cat?

Do claws clipping

Trim your cat’s toenails pre-bath. As cats may scratch you during bath time, hence this prevention is necessary to avert getting hurt. In addition, it will promote good hygiene for your pet.  Make sure to wear gloves as a safety measure if you think your pet might get cranky.

Choose the right container

It is better to keep things ready beforehand to avoid last-minute delays and problems. So, consider a bathtub or cat bucket with lukewarm water to bathe your cat comfortably. Just remember to not fill water above 5 inches or so to avoid your cat from getting ornery.

Timing is the key

According to vets, cats generally don’t like to stay in moisture or water. To make it possible, pet parents need to time bathing sessions carefully. A cat that is full of energy and activities will strongly object to bathing. Hence, prefer scheduling a bath when your cat is a bit worn out. To make it happen, pet parents willingly stage some catnip and have their mellow to easily prepare them for the bath.

Use the right products

Consider using a good quality and cat-specific shampoo that lathers well. Brush their body gently with the soft Kong Zoom Groom Cat brush from Supertails to peacefully carry out the cleaning process. Be sure to thoroughly clean their belly, paws and backside and tail to eliminate dirt and infectious substances from their body.

Never forget to have a towel ready

Ensure a towel or two must be kept close by during the bathing session. As cat furs tend to hold moisture and cats result in losing body heat. Hence, after the bath, swaddle your cat with a towel and give a good rub to dry your pet right away. You can also consider blow-drying for long-haired cats to speed up the process.

Bathing your cat is quite a challenging task. By following the aforementioned steps, you can maintain your hygiene well. And, if your cat tends to show aggressiveness during the bathing, try rewarding them with cat treats to keep them busy and happy. This way they will not object in between and you can smoothly carry out your session, as well. Furthermore, you can explore online stores like Supertails, a one-stop destination for all pets’ supplements to get the required bathing essentials and treats for the whole set-up.

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