Beneficial tips to train your dog not to bite

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Does your dog bite and lashes out at people who come to your house? If so, you need to quickly break this cycle without hampering your pet’s spirit.

It is not uncommon amongst dogs to bite strangers and even pet parents at the beginning of their adoption. However, an aggressive dog is likely to attack because of territorial dominance or fear. Obviously, you will never want your dog to behave that way. And, the good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to train your dog not to lash out at others. According to several veterinary consultantsyou can signal your dog to not bite while reinforcing positive behaviour in your pet. To help you out in the same, mentioned below are some beneficial tips to consider for preventing your dog from practising unnecessary biting habits.

3 ways you can teach your dog not to bite

Socialise your pet

The best way to curb dog biting is to take your pet for long walks, get-togethers, let them meet new people, visit places, and be familiar with the surroundings. Keep things positive! And give them balanced exposure to different situations daily to help your pet socialise easily. This will make them fearless which in turn reduces the aggressiveness of the pet. If you have an old dog,  work on adult socialisation regularly to achieve better results. You can even attend online pet consultations at your convenience to know more about the ways of dog socialisation.

Redirect your pet’s attention using teething toys

The second way to teach your dog not to bite is to provide them with teething toys. Use these toys to get your dog or puppy engaged. Start playing fetch, this will help to build positive prey drive in your pet, they will eventually begin to listen to your commands and understand your actions. Playing with puppy teething toys can be considered as a reward for good behaviour or break activity. Remember to keep your hands away from the pet’s teeth to avoid getting hurt in the initial stages.

Consider positive reinforcement 

One of the prominent methods to train the pet not to lash out or be aggressive is to keep them cool and incorporate positive reinforcement techniques. This training will specifically include rewarding the dog for excellent behaviour than punishing them for inappropriate attitude. It may include dog treatsverbal encouragement and petting. Many vets believe that it is the best solution to reduce the likelihood of dog biting. Slowly your pet will understand what is right and what is wrong. Then they may show a sense of responsibility and behave properly to achieve greater rewards.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, working on obedience training, using a taste deterrent, spaying the pet, etc., are other ways to avoid your dog from biting. Furthermore, teaching them to not lash out is not a one-time affair. You have continuously put in effort and train regularly. Every day counts! However, if you want to have in-depth insights about these training techniques and want to learn how and when to schedule sessions, consult a vet. Or you can even consider online vet consultations from a trusted platform like Supertails. It will be less time consuming and more efficient, conversing face to face with the best pet doctors remotely with ease.

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