Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog During Winters

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Every season brings a lot of changes in your dog's living and eating routine, winter is no different. With the weather getting colder, your pet will require you to update their winter care regimen to keep them safe.

However, some pet parents are surrounded by a misconception that because their dogs have a coat of fur. They can tolerate freezing temperatures better than humans. But, this isn’t necessarily the case. Like us, pets also want to be in warm temperatures as cold weather can drastically impact them as it does on humans. So, whether your canine pal loves to wander around in winters or decides to stay cosy under the blanket, they would need a little extra care to be protected in colder months.

If it is too freezing for you, it is cold for your dog too! In this blog, we will cover beneficial tips suggested by trusted veterinarians to keep your pet safe during the winter season.

For comfort and cosiness

One of the essential parts of good winter care is to make sure your pet is comfortable and cosy both indoors and outdoors throughout the colder months. So what can you do to prepare the pet for winter?

  • Plan a warm and comfortable space and bedding- Consider creating a cosy spot with a comfy dog bed and add a blanket for your pet to snuggle in. You can even buy a dog mat to do the job. Plus, they are easy to move and convenient to wash. Many dog owners prefer Fur Buddies Space Dog Mat for their pets in winters. We also offer this product to serve you the best.

  • Do not forget the winter wear- Keep their winter wear ready beforehand. A lightweight sweater or a warm dog sweatshirt can be added to your dog arsenal. For the trendy look, opt for a Harry Potter Gryffindor Dog sweater. It is very popular among pet parents to groom their pets fashionably with utmost care and comfort.

For the skin and coat

A cool winter breeze can result in dry skin. More dryness can lead to itching and your pet will scratch their bodies. This will break the skin, lighten the fur and may cause bleeding. Hence, taking care of the dog’s skin and the coat becomes vital to avoid such a scenario.

  • Moisturize- The best way to prevent dry and flaky skin in your dog is to hydrate it with the right moisturizer. Coconut oil can aid your needs and efficiently keep the skin and coat well hydrated. Additionally, it heals diminutive scrapes and prevents skin irritation from flea bite allergies. No wonder, it contributes to being a great winter essential in the winter skincare list for pets.

  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner- Plan timely bathing sessions every 20-30 days and incorporate pet-specific bathing essentials to not compromise on your pet’s health and hygiene. After bathing, do not forget to apply the conditioner. It is the easiest way to protect your pet’s coat in winter. Make sure to always use dog shampoo and conditioners to give the optimum results. As they have different pH levels than us. You may try Beaphar Creamy Hair Dog Conditioner to suit your needs. 

Along with these, dietary supplements must also be taken care of to provide sufficient nutrition in the cold season. Fish inclusions or omega fatty acid supplements, hydration through warm broths, and dog treats should be considered for a healthy pet life.

Moreover, all the above-mentioned points will help maintain good winter care for your pet. If you require more guidance for a better understanding of the same, you can attend online pet consultations of renowned vets at Supertails. This will help clear your doubts to provide your dog with the utmost love and care during winters.

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