Bringing a puppy home? Here’s the only checklist you need

Written by: Karan Arora



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Raising a puppy can be both mentally and physically draining for you. It's confusing for the puppy too! Keeping your sanity can be quite tough, but it isn't impossible, we promise!

A few tips to keep in mind while you bring home a puppy - 

Puppies thrive on routines. Fix schedules for eating, playing, nap times, etc and stick to them. This will work in toilet training them as well. 

Start potty training your Puppy right away. Do not wait for accidents to happen. 

Puppies are naturally curious, and they have a tendency to get into everything and explore—including things they shouldn’t. Puppy proofing your home is a must.

Keep shoes, cables, clothes or anything else that you do not want your puppy to chew on - out of access and reach. 

Puppies need to chew and mouth on things while keeping (moving) hands/legs around them. Keep them away and safe. 

Do not give them too much freedom too soon to the entire house at once, because while you are not actively supervising them accidents can happen and you will regress on the toilet training efforts you've been doing. Do this by closing extra doors, removing access to the kitchen, etc.

Introduce play pens, crates and baby gates - whenever you are not actively supervising your puppy, they go in there. Your puppy is learning 24*7, do not give them a chance to free roam and get to something to keep themselves entertained.  

Buy a variety of toys - squeaky, plush, different textures, teething toys, rope tug toys, chew bones, etc which are size appropriate for your puppy. 

Keep them handy to preempt your puppy from engaging in unwanted behaviour or to generally keep them busy

Keep play time short of no more than 15 mins and ensure breaks in between. Relaxing on their own doesn’t come easy to puppies.

Puppies need over 18 hours of sleep in a day. Allow them to nap in a quiet place (free from foot traffic), use play pens, baby gates or crates to allow that. You can use a raised bed to avoid light while your puppy sleeps.

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