Cat Personality - Here's What You Need To Know

Written by: Karan Arora



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Cats are found across the world in varying geographical and climatic zones. They have been primarily feral and the majority of their behaviour is inherited from that lifestyle. However, their behaviour is influenced by their environment as well as natural instincts. 

Free-range cats generally remain active during the twilight hours or during the nights and sleep or rest throughout the day. However, it is possible for domestic cats to get in line with human schedules and sleep during the nights as well. 

Cats can be exclusively indoors, exclusively outdoors or a combination of both. Some cats prefer being outdoors, whereas others prefer being indoors. 

It is comparatively easy to train them to use litter boxes. Cats are best socialised with other cats and people between 7 to 9 weeks of age. 

Some common normal behaviours that cats exhibit are:

  1. Playful biting, chasing and other predatory behaviours
  2. Instinctively covering their urine or poop
  3. Rubbing cheeks or spraying urine (in males)
  4. Using their claws to scratch or sharpen them
  5. Licking their body to groom themselves

If you find any unusual behaviour or are unsure of whether the behaviour is normal, always consult a vet for further advice. 

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