Choosing The Right Bed For Your Kitten

Written by: Karan Arora



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So you brought home a nice cat bed, only to find that your little kitten prefers the tissue or cardboard box they came in! There are a variety of different cat beds including bolster beds, cave beds, crate beds, etc and choosing the right one for your kitten can be difficult. 

You need to identify the type of bed your cat prefers by watching their habits. Cats love to curl up and sleep wherever they can and choosing the right bed depends on your cat’s preferences.

Here are a few points to consider:


If your cat is allergic to any specific material, avoid it. Choose a material that your cat is comfortable enough to snuggle into. Faux fur and fleece are popular choices. 


If you live in colder climates and winters get uncomfortable, consider a heated bed for your cat. This is particularly relevant for older cats suffering from arthritis and other conditions, or cats with thin or no fur. 


The best cat beds are those that survive the scratching and biting that is inherent with cats. If you are investing in furniture for your little kitten, ensure that the structure is sturdy. This is particularly important for window perch beds from where the drop to the floor may be substantial if it collapses. 

Easy to clean

Invest in a bed that’s easy to clean. You want your cat to sleep in a clean space, but do not want to regularly have to replace their bed. Most cat beds are machine washable. Some can have fabric that you can either replace or simply remove & wash. Choose materials that do not trap pet hair, so that it can be cleaned easily. 


Choose to place the cat bed at a comfortable location for your cat. If your cat prefers sleeping with a view, consider a window bed. If they prefer sleeping in elevated places, a climbing tower might be better suited. 

Size and style

Ensure that the size of your cat’s bed is comfortable and not too small or too big for your cat. Determine the style of the bed based on your cat’s and your preferences. 

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