How To Choose The Right Litter Box

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Cats instinctively and innately like to bury their waste, so there’s actually very little training required for your cat/kitten to use a litter box. Most kittens already know how to use one when you adopt them, but if they’re less than 8 weeks old, they may require some assistance to get started.

In fact one of the biggest upsides of being a cat parent is that your precious fur balls can use a litter box. There’s no hustle of taking your cat outside in the heat of summer or early in the morning within your busy schedules. A litter box has to be emptied and cleaned out regularly, but it can be done at your convenience.

Litter box

There are different types of litter boxes available in the market and it’s also very important to choose the right kind for your kitten or they may not want to use it.

Essentially, if you have more than one cat, make sure to have at least one extra litter box than the no. of cats (n+1 rule where n = no. of cats and n+1 = ideal no. of litter boxes), since cats can be very territorial about their litter box.

The ideal size of a litter box

For a kitten, you need to start with a smaller size of litter box. Ensure that the kitten can easily climb over the side of it without the need of jumping. Your cat’s litter box should be approximately one and a half times their length. You will need to size up as your kitten gets bigger.

Types of litter box

The litter box should ideally be made out of a non-absorbent material. You can use a cardboard box only if it’s temporary (for a day or less) while you’re in the process of going out to get a suitable litter box.

Some litter boxes come with the tops, which many cat parents prefer since the litter and waste aren’t visible. Covered litter boxes also block odours better than uncovered ones. However, some cats won’t use covered litter boxes.

Note: For your kitten, it's best to start with an uncovered litter box. Once your kitten gets used to using a litter box, you can try adding a cover to it.

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