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Dogs need toys to keep them mentally and physically active. Not only do toys make it easier for people to train their dogs, but they also provide entertainment and exercise for the pooch. Some dog toys help to keep dogs active, while others are specifically designed for training purposes. With so many brands and toy types - chew toys, balls, rubber toys, rope toys, fetch toys, etc - available in the market it can get difficult to pick the best toys for your doggy. We have compiled this list of some of the most popular and sought-after dog toys by dog parents. Your dogs are going to love playing with them. These toys are some of the most durable and non-toxic ones out there, now your precious companion will be entertained and stimulated for a long time!

Kong Extreme Toy

The dog toy Kong Extreme is made of Kong rubber, which is extremely strong and durable. The Kong Extreme is created for the hardest chewers, provides enrichment, and aids in meeting dogs' basic needs. Dogs that are dedicated chewers will benefit from the Kong's unique, ultra-durable natural rubber substance, while their playful needs will be satisfied by the unpredictable bounce. Want to prolong the game? Make sure to fill it with enticing dog treats and snacks to make your pooch’s playtime even more enjoyable. Kong extreme toys come in a variety of sizes from small to XL, so now dogs of all sizes can have a blast with kong.

PawsIndia Egg Bell Toy

One of the most popular toys for dogs and puppies is offered by PawsIndia. Take a look at this canine rubber bell toy. This dog toy not only keeps the dog occupied while left alone, but it also addresses several problems. It keeps dogs busy, which combats their anxiety and despair. Additionally, the toy may be used to play catch, giving your dog the daily activity they need to stay healthy. This rubber ball's concealed bell will ensure that your dog returns to the toy time and time again. It is the ideal dog toy for pups since it meets their chewing and teething demands.

Dog Sniffer Ball Toy

This is a great item to add to your dog’s toy collection. The Sniffer ball is a puzzle type of toy that's ideal for keeping your canine friend physically and mentally engaged. Simply tuck some dog food or treats between the several folds and let your dog sniff and discover them. The Sniffer Ball is a roundish, fleece object with hundreds of hiding places built into its folds that are held together at the center by a thick nylon wire. To find every last goodie, they'll have to roll it about and utilise their noses, paws, and brains. The goodies won't spill out thanks to the firmly folded packaging.

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite Game

The Outward Hound nina ottosson dog smart composite game combines two of every dog’s favourite things: treats and toys. This fun toy helps reduce the aggressive behaviour of your pooch by making it engage in gameplay while scouring for its favourite treats. All you have to do is place your pet's favourite dry treats or kibble under the removable pegs, then let your doggy use its senses to find the treats. You can fill some of them or all of them, your pet should be able to tell which ones have the treats via the scent holes placed at the top of each peg. Exercising your pet's mind is important as it prevents him/her from getting bored. This will help to keep destructive behaviour in check and even helps shy dogs gain confidence.

Gigwi Duraspikes Extra Durable Plush Toy

If your dog has a habit of destroying toys and other items, then you should get a Gigwi duraspikes extra durable plush toy. This item is made specifically for chewers that enjoy biting, shattering toys, and other items. TPR spikes are moulded onto the fabric of this collection, which is made of extra-durable cotton canvas. It comes in a wide range of colours and shapes for optimum variation. Try duraspikes once, and your dog won't want to trade them in for new toys ever again.

Barkbutler Just a Snitch Chew Toy

A tough canine chew toy by Barkbutler called Just a Snitch is made entirely of natural rubber. It bounces erratically, which keeps your doggy interested throughout playtime. This toy is interactive and has a minty smell. Fetching toys like these are best for little dogs, typically weighing 0 to 10 kg, such as Beagle, Pug, Shih Tzu, etc., who are at least two months old. This toy is durable but not indestructible and is best suited for companion dogs who enjoy fetching games and mild gnawing. Extremely aggressive chewers should avoid using this toy.

Cheerble Wicked Ball Interactive Toy

Cheerble Wicked Ball is a fully interactive, automatic, and hands-free ball toy for your dog. It is made with dynamic, moving features that will help completely mobilise the pet's passion and curiosity while also stimulating their natural hunting instinct. Even when you're not home, your pet will get the companionship and activity they need from this incredible moving toy. This little bundle of excitement comes jam-packed with features: 100% automatic moving toy, hands-free & no app required, automatic obstacle avoidance sensor, USB rechargeable, 1-hour charge for 8-hour fun. The ball can be cleaned with water as long as the outer shell is fastened tightly and securely, it is scratch resistant and made from non-toxic material. If there is one toy you need to give your dog, this is it!

Drools Non-Toxic Rubber Stud Spike Hard Ball Chew Toy

Drools non-toxic rubber stud spike hard ball chew toy is a flexible, non-toxic rubber ball chew toy. It promotes your dog's non-destructive chewing and helps to improve tooth health. All breeds and sizes of dogs, from pups to adults, can use it. No matter how hard your dog bites, this toy won't shatter because it is made of non-toxic rubber, which makes it one of the strongest and longest-lasting toys suitable for dogs. The enjoyment is endless whether you decide to play fetch with your pet or just let your dog have free reign of the ball.

Trixie Playing Rope Toy

Every dog should have a rope to play with and relish. The Trixie Playing Rope Toy for Dogs is the perfect playmate for an energetic dog who likes to gnaw and bite stuff. This toy can be tossed in a game of fetch in the park or left alone with your doggy. Its super strong material makes sure it is durable and able to tackle strong bites. It also comes in handy to keep your dog occupied indoors on quiet afternoons as this rope toy can be gently mouthed or gnawed on. The Trixie playing rope toy is made of super strong material. Another advantage of this toy is that, as the dog bites into the rope fibre it scrapes off plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth.

Be sure to rotate your dog's toy supplies regularly so they don't get bored. Explore Supertails and discover more toys for canine friends.

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