The Importance Of Quick Release Collars For Kittens

Written by: Karan Arora



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Quick-release or breakaway collars, have a clasp that opens easily when a sudden force pulls on it. It is recommended for cats that prefer living outdoors or tend to wander outside a lot. It is also useful for those curious cats who are frisky and playful. When used for outdoor cats, use a collar with reflective material for additional protection at night. 

In the event that the collar gets caught on something like a fence, tree branch or other hazards, the quick-release collar will open up and allow your cat to get away unharmed. This prevents them from accidentally hurting themselves if the collar gets stuck anywhere, preventing neck strain, strangulation or even death. 

Pay attention to the size of the collar. If the collar is too big, the bottom jaw or paw can get stuck in the collar. Always ensure that the collar is securely fastened around the neck and it doesn’t slip off. 

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