Which brush should I get for my dog?

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A pet grooming and hygiene routine should be made a prompt practice. A clean and hygienic pet is a happy and confident pet.A lot of things have to be considered when you bring a new puppy. A schedule for everything, let it be from training, feeding, walking, sleeping, and grooming.

When it comes to brushing the coat, how do you know which skin your puppy has and which is the right brush to use with which coat? Let's give you some examples of breeds with which coat and what brush to use according to that. There are even techniques to be used in brushing your pet at home.

Brushing is a must and should be followed daily, let's start with different coat types, and the brushes will follow.

What brush is suitable for your puppy's coat? To maintain a neat and tangle-free coat, brushing is necessary for your puppy. It should be done daily or a minimum of three times a week.

How can you choose the right brush for your pet's coat when it comes to brushing?

We are here to help you pick the right brush for your pet.

  • Need of brushing:
    • Brushing your pet's coat is essential for general pet care and pet hygiene.
    • Helps you remove loose and unwanted hair, debris, and scale and improves hair coat shine
  • Why does a Pet parent need to brush their pet:
    • It can be enjoyable and therapeutic for you and your pet
    • Brushing your pet's regularly can ensure that your pet's coat is in good condition
    • It keeps any skin infection, such as bacterial or fungal infections, away. 
    • It also keeps you vigilant about what is going on in your pet's coat, and it can then bring Vet's attention.
    • It creates a good bonding time between you and your pet.
  • Why does a Pet need to get brushed:
    • To have healthy skin and a healthy coat
    • To remove all the dirt collected on the coat
    • For specific skin conditions, bathing is a part of their medical treatment recommended by the Vet.
    • Helps in reducing dander or any external parasite
    • Helps in reducing irritation and skin infections.

Curry brush

Wahl Detangling Comb | Supertails

This brush can be used for the following breeds -  Boxer, Dalmations, French bulldogs, Jack Russell terrier, Pugs, Indies, Labrador.  You can use a curry comb on this coat. The curry comb works very well while bathing. It helps in removing all the dead skin and dander from the coat.

You should stroke them in the same direction and use about 5-7 strokes, or else you can cause a brush burn. Brush burn is caused due to the friction which is created while brushing your pet vigorously.

Slicker brush

A slicker brush is excellent for pets who have long hair coats. The meeting will reach the undercoat and remove all the unwanted and lose hair if used well. It gives a very smooth finish to the coat. While using this brush, try not to bend your wrist. Hold the brush firmly and move it parallel to your pet's coat. You can use this before and after the pet has had a bath. This will remove all the knots from the pet's coat. The slicker brush can be used for the following breeds -  Shitzu, Lhasa-apso, Husky, Golden retriever, German shepherd, Cocker spaniel.

Examples of slicker brushes that can be used:

Wahl Slicker Brush 

MPets Oval Slicker Brush 

Wahl Self Cleaning Slicker Brush 

Emily Pets Black Slicker Brush For Double And Long Coated Pets 

Undercoat Rake.

A rake is an excellent tool for pets with a thick double coat. It is always used before you bathe your pet. It should always be used on dirty coats. The result comes out well while it is used on dirty coats. It is a T-shaped brush with teeth designed to remove unwanted and loose fur. This brush will be recommended when the puppy becomes 1.5 years. This brush can be used for Retrievers.

Examples of rake that can be used:

Wahl Soft Grip Dematter - Grey/Orange 

Wahl De-Shedder-Silver/Orange 

Basil De-Shedding Comb with Auto Release Button 

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