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Your search for tailor-made pet food and treats for your furry companions ends here. SmartHeart presents its premium assortment of pet food products using only high-quality and well-researched ingredients.

Why should you buy SmartHeart dog and puppy food?

Dogs and puppies have different nutritional requirements. However, both need food that ranks high in health benefits, quality, and freshness. The formulation of SmartHeart dog food and SmartHeart puppy food takes place in an age-specific manner that suits the developmental needs of dogs and puppies.

1) Top Benefits of SmartHeart Foods

  • They use ingredients like soybean and corn gluten meal which provide bulk protein.
  • SmartHeart power pack supplies the required carbohydrate content for highly energetic dogs and puppies.
  • SmartHeart pet food provides a well-balanced meal for your pets (including cats, rabbits, and hamsters).
  • These pet foods impart healthy skin and shiny coats to your furry friends.
  • They improve digestion and immunity.
  • SmartHeart pet foods are available according to your pet's age, size, and breed. For instance, SmartHeart adult dog food specially caters to the nutritional requirements of adult dogs.
  • These pet foods come in various pack sizes.

2) Breed-specific Diets

SmartHeart boasts a range of specialised pet foods formulated according to your pet's breed. The brand considers the subtle differences in the calorie content, fibre amounts, and shapes according to distinct pet varieties. For example, SmartHeart dry food for dogs is available separately for small and large breeds (higher amounts of calcium and phosphorus). The SmartHeart wet dog food is suitable for most dog breeds.

3) Size-specific Diets

SmartHeart dry food and wet food products follow an in-depth analysis of your pet dog's size and nutrient needs. The SmartHeart power pack puppy food supplies more calories, fats, and calcium required for your puppy's growth. Whereas the SmartHeart power pack dog food for adult dogs is rich in protein which helps preserve their health by maintaining a healthy weight and adequate energy levels.

Why is SmartHeart the best Pet Food Brand in India?

SmartHeart pet foods belong to a leading global pet food company called Perfect Companion Group (PCG) which has its research centre. It ensures the use of only the best quality ingredients for comprehensive nutritional care of your pets. Not just dog and puppy food, they also have SmartHeart cat food for pet cats and kittens and pet foods for hamsters and rabbits. All their products are certified by competent pet food authorities worldwide.

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  • You can search for specific SmartHeart pet food and treats by choosing the suitable filter options based on your pet's breed, size, life stage, and flavour.
  • Find all your favourite SmartHeart products under one roof.
  • Connect with experts and vets before purchasing.
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