How to Identify and Remove Ticks from Your Dog?

Remove Tick from Dog

Whether you just came back after an outing or stayed at home with your pooch, your pet is always at risk of the tick menace."Doctors who offer online pet consultation say small bugs can cause big problems within a few hours because they can transmit diseases instantly.

It is essential to check for ticks and fleas if your pet has been in an area with wood or grass in the surroundings. These pests feed on the blood of your pets and can pass illnesses like rhipicephalus, sanguineus.

Sometimes the pests that your dog brings home can make you and your family ill. So, there is nothing better than checking your pet’s body every day when they come back after a walk. You might notice that the ticks are recently attached to your dog’s body if they look skinny and flat. Or some ticks have been feeding for a while and look oval to round and fat.

You can also find per-adult ticks, ‘nymphs’ on your pooch’s body. These parasites are tiny and look like the head of a pin. These ticks are hard to see and are greyish in colour. You can see them on the face of your dog because they pick them up while nosing around the bushes and grass.

There are different types of ticks and fleas that can stick on your pet’s body and make them sick. Before knowing how to keep them away from these parasites, let us understand the difference between ticks and fleas.

Difference between ticks and fleas



Ticks have six to eight legs. They are arachnids, which means they are distant cousins to spiders.

Fleas are wingless insects that have six legs that can jump.

Ticks feed on multiple hosts. They can stay on one host for up to two weeks at a time. And, can live up to three years in various environments.

Adult fleas find one host and stay there on the pet’s body to complete the lifespan of 2-3 months.

Ticks are flat, dark in colour, and teardrop-shaped. There are different species, colours and sizes of ticks.

Fleas are often visible under a microscope.


In India, we can see ticks and fleas on our pet body mainly in summer because of the humidity. Although ticks can hamper your pet’s health throughout the year, during humid weather the chances of having parasites reach the peak. 

If you find ticks on your pet’s body, no need to worry because there are many tick and flea products, such as Fipronil spray, spot ons and sprays, anti-tick shampoos, Bravecto, etc, that you can buy from online platforms like Supertails. But make sure not to use any of these products without taking an online pet consultation.