How to Teach House Rules to Your Dog?

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Have you bought a new dog recently and want him to be a good family member? You can do so by teaching your canine pal healthy habits and house rules. The training lessons will let your pet fit better in the residential environment. In addition, it will help your dog to share a deep connection with you and your family members.

There are many force-free training approaches practiced by people to train their pets, especially dogs. Furthermore, online pet consultations are available remotely for pet parents to learn more about dog training methods. However, there are still some ethical and understandable points from the owner's side that must be kept in mind while teaching the pet. These are: 

  • Clear communication with the help of gestures, facial expressions, and actions.
  • Having patience throughout the process as every dog has a different learning curve.
  • Understanding dog’s body language.
  • Being consistent to avoid confusion.

The above-mentioned are some of the important things you should remember as a dog trainer to get great results.

Along with these points, you also need to go through some common house rules to be followed in a pet house which are mentioned below:

  • No dogs on the furniture: This is a vital rule that you must follow to keep your precious and admirable antiques or furniture safe. Dogs have a habit of jumping on the furniture. So, it is your responsibility to cover them or make them off-limits with consistent and collective enforcement by you and your family.
  • Potty habits: Develop a habit in your dog to relieve himself at potty pads or at defined spaces. Never let your dog roam around for defecation. This rule must be followed strictly to encourage cleanliness and proper disposal in and around your house.
  • Wait for the food bowel: One of the essential house rules which enhances the wait behaviour of your dog is teaching him to be patient and wait at the feeding spot for treats and meals. This process will include minimal chaos and the pet will eventually grasp some sense of feeding rules and habits.

Apart from the above-mentioned rules, no barking, no begging at meals, and no wrestling in the house are some considerable directives that will help you to teach your dog good manners. Despite implementing these rules, if your dog continues to behave inappropriately, then opt for Supertails vet consultation to get clear guidance and support from the best vet doctors. They will help you to identify the gap and provide instant solutions to make your pet learn the rules happily.

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