How to teach your dog basic mealtime manners?

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Are you facing dog food begging problems? Or does your pet jump up the dining table and steal your food plate? It is common to witness such behaviour as many dogs are tempted to eat what their master is having. It can be an endearing experience for you but when repeated regularly can start to make you think of some ways to teach your dog basic mealtime manners. Also, when out for meals in the restaurant with the dog, you don't want your pet to practice those great begging or whining skills with others. Hence, it becomes imperative to teach your dog etiquette and good manners of having meals.

Here are some beneficial tips to train your canine pal table manners.

  • Use positive reinforcement approach: It is one of the most effective training approaches to teach your dog mealtime dos and don’ts. Several vets have asserted that pet parents should inculcate positive reinforcement activities like giving rewards and treats, etc., to their pets. They also suggest never scolding or punishing them for their wrong behaviour instead reward your dog for the actions they do as you want. This will develop a good habit and understanding of your pet to act according to the appreciation. It is a continuous process and needs patience and lots of affection, but reaps great rewards both for you and your pet.
  • Prevention and management: Another useful practice to implement for handling begging is to prevent your dog from self-rewarding. You can do so by not giving them a chance to steal your food. Avoid leaving your food on the table or out in the open within the reach of the dog. If you are able to achieve this, then your pal will not sneak food from those places and self-reward. Eventually they will stop trying. This is by far the best behavioral technique to make your pet learn and know that human foods are not meant for them.
  • Keep your dog busy: Dogs tend to come around by following the delicious smell of the food. No matter where you are or in which corner of the house, it will occupy their attention while you eat. To prevent this, keep your pet preoccupied or engaged in some other activity to divert their attention from the human meals. You can give the dog some interactive toys or dog chews to keep them busy when you sit down to eat. With time they will make the association that your mealtimes mean something more fun is coming for them to do as well.

Remember consistency is the key here. Hence, practice these training tips every day for better results. For better understanding of your dog’s behaviour and mental health needs, speak to a pet behaviour expert at Supertails.

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