4 Things That Your Cat Loves To Do

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Cats are popularly known as mysterious creatures. However, the truth is far different. Ask any pet parent, they would know that kittens aren't hard to understand. Moreover, they are a lot like us in certain aspects. Firstly, they love companionship and affection. It may look like they are solitary creatures, but the truth is they are very social. They love being the centre of attention of their pet parent.

The other most relatable habit these furry pets embody is not sitting ideally. They can often get restless or bored if they are not engaged in any activity. You will always find them exploring new places or playing with different objects.

When a cat becomes a part of your family, it is an exciting and jovial time for everyone. However, it also brings the added responsibility of taking care of them. It’s not just about giving them food and cleaning them, but also keeping them happy. To help you out, we have covered the top things that every cat loves doing.

Favourite leisure activities of every cat 

  • Taking naps: Kitties love to sleep. For them taking proper rest is a priority. And at times, they can sleep up to 12 to 16 hours a day. But don't worry about it, all cats are like that, not just your pet. The reason why they love to sleep isn't that they are lazy. Firstly, they are nocturnal animals. So it's natural for them to spend their daytime snoozing. Secondly, cats have the inherent trait to hunt for food. It requires rest and retaining energy. Even though as a pet parent you take care of their food. They will still retain their biological habits passed down by their ancestors.
  • Grooming themselves: A fun fact about your furry pet is that they spend half of their awake time grooming themselves. So, it comes as no surprise that your cat would love a little grooming time with you. Just like humans, they too like staying neat and tidy. Invest in a soft and gentle bristle to brush their hair. Spending quality time with your cat will help develop and deepen the bond and it will also make your kitty happy and relaxed.
  • Scratching and clawing: As a pet parent, you must be well aware of your pet's keen interest in scratching random objects. They do this to sharpen their claws. However, it can also be pleasurable as they feel good after clawing and scratching. It is the human equivalent of stretching our muscles after a long tiring day. Additionally, it can also be a way to express their emotions and relieve anxiety. 
  • Playtime with their toys: Playing with your cat is the best way to add some fun and excitement in their life . Some cats may prefer running around and fetching yarn balls. While usually, they enjoy playing indoor games that are interactive such as chasing around a toy. You can bring out GiGwi melody chasers and their favourite cat treats. They will end up jumping around with joy.


However, remember that every cat is unique. It is why it is crucial to know beforehand what your pet likes. As you spend time with them, you will soon figure out what they love the most. However, at times cat parents are unable to figure out what their pet enjoys doing. It is possible that your cat might want or need something that you are unaware of. To know such things, you can contact our vet experts and buy recommended grooming essentials from our website. We offer the best online vet consultancy to help equip people with the right information and knowledge about their pets.

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