5 Best Dog Training Tips That You Must Follow

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A dog brings a lot of happiness along with him/her. When we bring them into our homes, we want them to be a part of our life and sometimes socialise with our friends and family. Dogs are good learners, but they need time and attention to get adapted to their new life, and this is where training helps. If your pooch is trained properly, he will make every moment more enjoyable.

So, it is important to start training as soon as you bring a dog home. But for new dog parents, the question arises, where to start from? How to train a dog? How will they learn?

There are two ways of training a dog, either train your dog on your own or hire a pet trainer. By implementing the following tips appropriately, you can make your dog obedient and well-trained at home.

Give your dog a name

Whether it be a newborn baby or a new pup, giving a name to the most loved member of your family is the first step to developing a long-lasting bond with them. Giving a name to your dog not only establishes an identity for them but also helps a lot in training. Try to keep the name short, preferably one or a maximum of two syllables.

Dogs easily adapt to things, so once you have selected the name, use it every time whenever you call him. Soon they will get used to it and respond to it.

Teach your dog to come when called

Suppose you named your dog, Jack. Train him in such a way that whenever you call, “Jack! come here”. He should rush to you. When they start doing this, show excitement and then use other positive reinforcements. You can try the come command to check your dog’s alertness when they are  engaged or playing.

Make a den for your dog

Just like us, dogs need their own sleeping place. Your dog will start feeling comfortable and safe in his/her den and giving your dog their own space will work as an important tool for home training.

Reward your dog for good behaviour

The main purpose of training your dog is to make them obedient and teach them good behaviour. When you notice that your dog is obeying your commands and behaving well, don’t forget to reward them by playing, showing love and praising them. Give treats and let them know that they did a good job that is worth appreciating.

Don’t allow them to bite or nip

Never scold your pet for biting or nipping you. Whenever they do so, instead of shouting at them, pretend that you are in so much pain - a loud yell can work well. Dogs get surprised by seeing this and stop biting their parents immediately.

All these tips will make your dog obedient. They will follow your commands and make you feel proud in front of others because you have a well-behaved dog. In case you face any difficulties while teaching your pet, you can take an online training session at Supertails. Also, you can buy puppy training pads, dog toysand other training materials online from Supertails to give your dog a hassle-free and enjoyable learning experience.

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