Bathing: Do You Really Need To Bath Your Kitten Regularly?

Written by: Karan Arora



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Cats do not generally require baths, except in certain circumstances. A bath is required only if the cat is dirty, has matted fur or is unable to groom itself. For regular hygiene, cats usually groom themselves and keep their fur clean and glossy. 

What cases require a regular bath?

Certain breeds or health conditions require a regular bathing regimen to keep them healthy and clean. 

For example, long-haired breeds like Persian and Himalayan cats require baths and grooming, despite their self-grooming habits. 

Cats with no fur, such as the Sphinx have very oily skin, and therefore require regular baths to keep them clean. 

Cats with medical conditions such as obesity or arthritis may find it difficult to groom themselves well. 

Additionally, cats with skin infections or tick/flea infestations may require medicated baths as part of their treatment. 

The best time to bathe your cat is when they are calm and tired out after a play session. Only use shampoos specifically formulated for cats and kittens. Do not use human shampoos as they are very harsh on your cat’s skin and fur. Use a grooming brush to untangle any knots or matts on your cat’s fur when bathing them. 

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