Here’s why you need interactive toys for your puppy

Written by: Karan Arora



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Let’s start off with the most important point - you need to keep your puppy mentally busy and stimulated. Pet parents need to realize that a lack of exercise can cause boredom which will lead to destructive behavior in your pet. Well, guess what? There’s a solution! Get your puppy an interactive toy. 

Interactive toys are great especially on days where you cannot step out for a walk like a rainy day. Mental exercise keeps the puppy occupied and enriches their experiences when you are not around. 

Here are some examples of interactive toys:

  • Kong Toy- A very popular and versatile toy. You can stuff treats in it, you can line it with peanut butter and freeze it or you can also stick some treat pieces on the peanut butter applied and give it to your baby for exploring.
  • Treat dispensers- These come in different shapes and sizes. You can fill them with treat pieces and as your puppy rolls it on the floor, a treat pops out. What a delight!
  • Board games for puppies- These are highly interactive, where you can place treat pieces in the given slots and close them with the pegs. The puppies have to figure out a way to open the pegs, either using their paws or mouth, and they get the treat.
  • DIY interactive games, like hiding treat pieces in different corners of the room, hiding treats and folding a bed sheet into multiple folds, using cardboard boxes and old newspapers to shred, etc are also a great way to help your puppy engage in activity. All these keep your puppy occupied and channel their energy the right way
  • Food puzzle toys- These toys make the dogs work for their food, something that they enjoy doing. it enables them to sniff and forage the food. 

Factors to consider while choosing the toys:

  • Some toys need supervision, especially in case of puppies
  • The size of the toys should be appropriate so that they cannot swallow them
  • Don't keep them lying around and make sure you take them away after about 30 minutes of play.

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