How Does Playtime Benefit Your Dog's Health and Wellbeing?

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Do you love pampering and playing with your pet? We know you do, and all the other pet lovers out there enjoy this a lot. It excites the pup, as well as their parents. But, did you know that beyond just having fun, there are many other benefits of spending playful time with your dog? Playtime is vital for the well-being and overall development of your cute companion. The pet feels more active and healthy when they have regular playtime in their daily routine.

That’s why we have come up with some amazing benefits of having playtime with dogs that every pet parent must know.

5 reasons why you should add playtime to your dog’s daily routine

It keeps your dog mentally stimulated

Along with keeping your pet physically healthy, playing also keeps them mentally active and makes their mind sharp. Pet parents can promote good mental health and improve problem-solving skills in their dogs by playing games such as puzzle feeders, hide and seek, etc.

It helps dogs in staying strong and healthy

Physical activity such as running to chase a tennis ball or frisbee is considered a cardiovascular workout that promotes good health in dogs. Moreover, games such as tug-of-war help in building strength. Such games are essential for improving strength, stamina, balance and keeping the dog's joints and muscles healthy.

It helps dogs in becoming socialised

Playing time with your pet can also improve their social skills. Meeting other pets in the park and interacting with people can sharpen their brains and improve their memory. The more your dog will interact with people and other dogs the more familiar they will become.

It helps dogs to get emotionally adjusted

Along with promoting social interaction and boosting the mood, playtime also eliminates boredom. This is fruitful for pets because a lot of monotony can become a reason for destructive behaviour or unruliness like getting into garbage or chewing up household items. So, it is important to incorporate a variety of entertainment in your pet’s life to make it interesting. You can do this by setting a playtime for your dog and playing with new dog toys.

It strengthens your bond

One of the best things about playtime with your pet is it strengthens your bond and creates a joyful environment. It helps them to get engaged with you and gives them a routine and idea that you are a source of comfort and happiness for your pet. Ultimately this speeds up the process of developing a healthy bond.

Hope these reasons will help you in understanding the importance of playtime with your pet. So no matter how busy your schedule is, make sure to take out some time for your pet and create some new memories with them. To know more health benefits of regular playing with your pet, you can book a consultation with a pet behaviour expert at Supertails. Our vets will help you in getting all your questions answered and tell you what is best for your pet.

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