Important grooming tips to keep your dog healthy in winters

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The chill is in the air and we all need to gear up for the season of dry skin. Winter season usually dehydrates our skin and even our pet’s skin. Excessive dryness leads to a lot of itching which then leads to redness and bleeding due to excessive scratching . To prevent all of this, let's have fabulous four tips to prevent all of this tension and panic. Its simple, like how we protect ourselves from winter by wearing sweaters and applying moisturiser on our body. We follow the same practice for our pets. 

Follow the 4 tip rule this winter:

  • Bath time: Bath your dog using a nice Oatmeal based shampoo in the 10-15 days interval. Use Lukewarm water and dilute the shampoo on the coat. After shampooing, follow it up with a conditioner. The conditioner acts like a moisturise on their coat. Towel dry your pet coat thoroughly and if they are comfortable you can use a hair dryer to dry their coat. The coolness in the air will make them feel cold if the coat is not fully dried up.

If the temperature has dropped drastically, you can even skip a bath and give them a sponge bath. Take a bucket of luke water, mix little  dog shampoo in the water and take a hand towel, dip it in the bucket and squeeze out the excess water and rub it on your pet's coat.

Another way to keep their coat clean is to use waterless shampoo and nice cologne spray on their coat. 

  • Ear cleaning: Ear cleaning should be repeated once a week. Take the ear cleaning solution which is prescribed by your vet and take 2 cotton balls, one for each ear. Apply the ear cleaning solution on the cotton ball and clean their ears. Use 2 different cotton balls for both ears. Ear cleaning in winter is important as the wax collection is more and it comes hard and can be very painful for the dog if it is not cleaned from time to time.

Ear cleaning  solution is specially designed for removing wax and any debris or water accumulated into the dog’s ears. With regular clean up the pets ear’s are away from any infection.

If you have any doubts or you see any symptoms for ear infection, you should avail of Online Vet Consultation  at Supertails and get all your doubts cleared by the Vets on board. As ear infections are very painful for the pet.

  • Coat combing and brushing: Just like us, dogs also need combing and brushing off their coats. Hence, make sure you make it a prompt practice.Daily brushing of coat is a must. By doing it regularly you can see if there are any ticks or fleas on your pets coat. You can have a close look under their coat and see if any skin infection or any kind of parasites are there, plus it is a nice bonding time you have with your pet. It takes 15-20 mins, you can do it while you are watching television. Regular brushing removes all the knots and tangles from the coat. Especially after bathing, it becomes imperative to detangle their hair and remove dirt particles and mats, if any. Several pet parents find this step the easiest. No doubt, it is. However, while doing so you just have to ensure not to hurry as you might hurt them or get your dog angry.
  • Pawpad and nose area: As winter is the dry skin season, our foot heels get cracked in this season and we apply moisturiser just like that. Pets are very prone to cracked paw pads and dry noses. Use a nice moisturizing paw butter balm on the paw pads of your pet and on the nose area. This helps in restoring the hydration in these areas.

Grooming is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for your pet, be it any season. Remember to never compromise on the same. However, by following the above-mentioned tips you can easily take care of your pets' health in the winter season.

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