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Pet owners who work from home continue to spend more time with their animals, treat them like family, and look for more upscale products. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, pet owners have adopted internet shopping convenience and formed new buying habits, which has fueled e-commerce's expansion. The trend toward health and wellness spreads beyond food to pet care, and functional and natural components play a far larger role in this development.

Meanwhile, the development of recyclable packaging, plant-based choices, and alternative proteins are all driven by sustainability. The pandemic's favourable effect on pet care demand has only served to reinforce key industry trends that will continue to boost sales in the near future. These trends include humanization, premiumization, digitization, sustainability, and health and wellness.

Let’s dive into some more of the latest pet industry trends.

Pet Trends

New product and channel development are possible, which is a favourable lifecycle stage for budding brands to enter and flourish. Here are some of the major pet trends to look out for.

The Pet Market in Ecommerce is Booming

While purchases in physical stores have slowly increased, the internet pet industry has skyrocketed since 2013. The target market for the sector as a whole will grow as pet ownership levels continue to rise, opening up new points of penetration.

Pet food and pet supplies lie in the second and third position of the e-commerce CPG categories overall, attracting business owners looking to break into new markets. The supply industries, animal care, and natural foods hold a very high promise of prosperity.

Demographics and Preferences Pet Ownership

Baby Boomers no longer make up the majority of pet owners; instead, Millennials hold that position. Pet companies who want to dominate the market in the future must comprehend how Millennials vary from earlier generations.

Digital purchasing power makes it impossible to overstate how crucial it is to market there. When it comes to social media usage, millennials spend almost twice as much time as baby boomers.

Because of the way people naturally utilise social media, the pet category blends perfectly with the world of shareable content. Therefore, for companies seeking a competitive channel advantage, retailers who engage with millennials can make all the difference. 

Pet Care and Services

Training, boarding, grooming, and care are all included in the market for pet services.

It has had the industry's fastest rate of product growth over the last five years and is being fueled by higher consumer demand for pampering and specialised services for furry family members as more and more owners view their dogs as members of the family.

It is followed by the veterinary care sector, which has expanded as a result of widespread household penetration.

Pet Products and Supplies

The top two industries for sales are food and pet care, but the pet supply business has better prospects because it is expanding more slowly and includes specialised items like carriers, collars, food bowls, and apparel.

The broad variety of stylish and multipurpose pet accessories that are readily available will be a major growth factor for this business. Its income share increased as a result of the "pet parenting" craze, in which pet owners began treating their animals like members of the family and providing them with luxuries.

Pets Stores, Retail, and Pop-Up

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses have strategically placed themselves as trailblazers and exclusive suppliers of high-quality service and food offerings, such as daycare and grooming, despite growing competition from supermarkets, mass merchandisers, and online retailers that offer comparable products at maximum comfort and competitive prices. In the meantime, pet businesses that are digitally native are progressively expanding their market share. Their success demonstrates how changes in the companion animal market are being influenced by technological advancements in the human consumer retail business.

Quick Statistics About the Pet Industry

  • India is one of the speediest pet care marketplaces in the world, with a 13.9% annual growth rate.Pet food, accessories, toys, grooming and medications are some of the segments where the pet industry has grown in India. Urbanisation, increased nuclear families, and a shift in the public's attitude toward pet ownership are all factors contributing to this expansion. Nowadays, people treat their pets like family members and wish to provide for their needs.
  • The Indian pet care market is projected to generate retail sales of USD 434 million in 2021 and USD 1,356 million (Rs 10,770 crore) in 2025.The COVID-19 pandemic had a detrimental effect on the Indian economy, but it also increased the number of people who owned pets. Because pet adoption increased during times of solitary confinement and lockdown with pet food producers anticipate increased sales in the upcoming years. India's pet care market is expected to reach $1356 million by 2025 thanks to the rising number of pets owned.
  • By the end of 2023, there are expected to be 31 million pet dogs in India, making dogs the most popular pet in the country. Sales of pet food increased as the number of dog owners in India increased. Sales of cat food increased to $285 million from $139 million between 2014 and 2018.

The Pet Industry is Set to Dominate

The pet care sector has always been a successful one with great demand. However, after being compelled to remain at home for a year and a half, the desire to own a pet and the necessity to buy daily essentials have significantly intensified.

Additionally, this generation of consumers wants to engage in online shopping. They demand premium quality, cost-effectiveness, and convenience from any brand they choose to purchase from. 

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