The Right Way to Feed Treats to Your Dog

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Do you have a dog at home to whom you want to feed treats force-free? It might be a challenging task but it is worth enough to practice with your lovely companion. 

Feeding the dog treats in the right manner with a positive reinforcement approach is very healthy for the relationship between you and your pet. This way you can develop better communication or connection by understanding each other's feeding habits. To achieve this, you as a dog owner have to be aware of the right and wrong ways of feeding treats to your canine pal. 

Here are some of the right ways to feed treats to your dog

  • The foremost step towards the right approach is to provide your dog with the best food supplements such as dry dog food, dog biscuits, etc. which you can get from reliable online pet stores like Supertails. Their amazing treats are well received by the pets.
  • Feeding style matters a lot when you give food to your dog. Feeding too much can lure your dog to get up instead of maintaining the position you are reinforcing him to be at. If you further lift up your hand then you might encourage him to jump to grab the food. Also, feeding him a little low will give him the impression to lie down. If you are feeding too close then you are likely to invade his space and the dog may back off or he may hurt you with his sharp teeth and claws.

A common technique to feed your dog is to offer treats at a distance of one inch away from your pet’s mouth.

  • Teach your dog to accept treats as gently as possible. Consider a soft and calm ‘ouch’ to let your dog know when he is hurting you. With repetitions of the same act, your canine will understand your feelings and will minimise such encounters. This way, you can teach him the perfect way to have treats without hurting anyone, especially the feeder. 

These are some important tips to keep in mind while feeding your dog and make him habitual to good practices. However, it totally depends upon the breed, size, and nature of the dog to grasp things efficiently. 

Nowadays, there are many online pet consultations available. You can attend them to know the best behaviour, meal times, and the ideal amount of dog treats to maintain the good health of your pet.

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