What To Do If Your Kitten Won’t Use The Litter Box

Written by: Karan Arora



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If your kitten is having a hard time with litter box training and is peeing outside the box, try these steps:

Carefully evaluate your litter box setup. Every kitten has slightly different preferences. Make sure that the litter boxes:

  • Are easily accessible 
  • Are located in quiet spots without distractions
  • Are not hidden in a dark corner and are well-ventilated
  • Are not being guarded by other cats

Consider changing the litter box or type of litter. You may want to get a new box (covered versus uncovered or one with low sides) and place it nearby to see if your kitten prefers another box. Or keep the same box and only change the litter type to see if it is the box or the litter that is the issue.

Scoop more often and replace all litter more often.

Consider using pheromone diffusers near the litter box to relieve stress and make your kitten more comfortable with their surroundings. These diffusers, when placed in the room with the litter box, make kittens feel that they have marked their territory.

Consult a veterinarian to check for parasites, urinary tract infections, or other medical issues that may promote inappropriate elimination. These are rare with kittens, but they should not be overlooked.

Above all, remember to be patient! Training takes time, but your kitten will master these habits with your love, support, and attention.

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