Preventing Hair Fall And Hairballs In Kittens

Written by: Karan Arora



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A hairball is a collection of hair that is ingested when cats groom themselves. When absolutely healthy, these hairs can easily pass out in their poop. However, occasionally, cats may throw up instead. While hairballs cannot be prevented completely, there are two major aspects of their daily routine that will help reduce the incidences of hairball vomits drastically. 


Grooming removes loose hair which if ingested can cause furball build-up in their stomach. This also helps spot any skin issues that your kitten may have.

How often should kittens be groomed?

  • Short-haired kittens: Quick brush or comb once or twice a week
  • Long-haired kittens: Daily

Steps to groom your kitten

  • Hold your kitten on your lap and allow them to sniff the brush or comb 
  • Starting with their back, brush them gently, moving to the sides of their body
  • Praise them with a soft voice while grooming them
  • Alternate brushing with stroking, if found nervous offer a treat
  • Repeat this process several times per day and gradually build on the length of brushing time
  • Notice for any signs of agitation or distress, if so stop grooming 
  • Keep grooming sessions short


Ensure that your cat gets a balanced diet. If exclusively fed on dry food, consider offering wet food to speed up the passing of the hairball through the digestive system. Additionally, ensure that the diet offered has high-fiber content or offer a diet specifically formulated to reduce hairballs. 

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