Top Cat Toys You Must Buy For Your Kitty

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Wondering how to keep your feline friend entertained and busy? Look no further, we have compiled a list of exclusive cat toys for your kitty!

Toys are an excellent source of entertainment that keep cats mentally and physically stimulated. And let’s agree, kitties are cute little panthers, always ready to pounce! Hence, pet supplies like toys, puzzles, games, wands are some of the best options for cats. It helps them tap on their natural behavioural instincts like hunting, stalking, chasing, and pouncing.

Now you as loving pet parents would certainly want to invest in reliable and good products for your cat to play around with. You’d also want to keep them safe and ensure that the toys don’t break either. To add to this thought and serve you better, here are some amazing cat toys for you to consider.

3 picks for the finest cat toys by Supertails

Wobbler cat toys

It is one of the most sought after cat toys among cat pet parents. Due to its efficiency in increasing mental and physical stimulation, this wobbler action toy is all you need for your kitty. And guess what, it makes playtime fun, interesting and rewarding by dispensing cat treats. Some cat parents use it as a mealtime feeder, to slow down rapid eating, fight boredom and obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food. Our pick is the Kong Wobbler cat toy as this is the most wish-listed product on our website. You can check it out too!

Feather teaser cat wands

Feather teasers imitate the real hunting game for cats. There’s a wand and on its extreme end, a bird with feathers is attached. It helps bring out the most instinctual cat behaviours and prevents them from scratching all over the house. Pet parents consider this toy to fulfil their felines’ desires to hunt, chase and catch their prey. Also, this cat wand helps initiate engagement and companionship between the parent and their kitty. You can also opt for this toy to make the best use of their time, catch your cat’s amazing instincts and build a good partnership with them. We cater to cat toys such as GiGwi Feather Teaser Cat Wand which are very soft and safe for kitties to play with.


Cats actively participate in playing with catnips, real feathers or rattle toys. We have a very tempting and useful catnip toy Basil Cotton Plush Cat Toy with catnip. Several cat parents have also bought this toy because of the special part which can be opened or closed multiple times. Also, catnip is a natural herb that stimulates about 50% of cats. For better enjoyment, gently twist the toy to release catnip oil to feed your kitty’s curiosity and manage their health. Other than this product, we have many more catnips such as GiGwi Shining Friends Firefly with LED light and Catnip inside toys for cats.

Along with these, we also offer mouse-shaped toys, a tower of tracks, and a toy ball for cats to play happily. All these toys not only prevent laziness and obesity but also strengthen the immune system, increase brain activities and body movements, and satisfies them to the fullest in the house environment.

Moreover, for more playing supplements, you can always visit our website and explore a wide variety of products and services to avail.

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